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    Class Sizes

    It's definitely an advantage and much nicer to technician!
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    More Stuff

    Could it be for the custard powder explosion thing where you blow it through bunsen burner flames?
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    Class Sizes

    Also independent school. Largest class 22, but KS4 and KS5 are often 2-12 students.
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    Power supplies

    We've just ordered this bundle, which works out at £123 each. More expensive, but we've got a loas already and rarely have problems with them. Depends just how "tight" money is... B8R06058 - Bench Power Unit - Pack of 5 | Philip Harris
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    Mental Health Matters

    @Emma Thanks, Emma. You too!
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    Carbon dioxide solution

    I was asked to do this a few years ago. I got a conical flask with side arm and attached some rubber tubing (like you would when making gas to fill boiling tubes etc.) I put some calcium carbonate (or whatever carbonate you've got) and added dilute hydrochloric acid. I then put this in to a...
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    Carbon dioxide solution

    I presume they just mean water that has had CO2 pumped in to it to lower the pH? Just make some CO2 (carbonate powder and acid) and put a delivery tube in to a beaker of water. Don't think it'll last long though, so do it fresh.
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    Mental Health Matters

    Last day here (except the five days I do over summer) Been such an odd year in so many ways, I feel emotionally exhausted and very much looking for some rest and recharge. Thanks to everyone on this forum (this group in particular). Have a great end of term and a lovely summer holiday! See you...
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    I retire next week

    Happy retirement, Carol. Sounds like you more than deserve it!
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    Anyone else a Hotel Chocolat fan?

    Yep. Love it. Treated my partner and I to one of their Easter eggs this year. Eye watering price, but my goodness, it was delicious!
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    Fellow technicians, it is time to roll up your sleeves, this is….

    Electromagnetic radiation/X ray?
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    Mental Health Matters

    @BioBee Congrats! Great news :D
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    liquid vs gel ferroxyl indicator: rusting a nail

    This is brilliant. What is it - a nail wrapped in copper wire?