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    Climacteric Technicians

    @Red Squirrel following the Davina programme I have been a little more mindful of my food and drink and am less afraid to take the stairs at work! I plan to do better but its a start. I worry about osteoporosis. My nan is terrible with it and I have the worlds worst teeth and other things. My...
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    Is this the beginning of the end for the Science Technician role?

    The jobs are out there if you can afford to wait and be selective. The Lycee in London is offering pro rata £31,000 for a senior.
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    Climacteric Technicians

    Hi All, New to the group and hopefully/possibly still a little while off. Any advice you would have given yourselves in the year/years leading up to it all? Thanks,
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    Mouldy clinostat

    I had this and pretty much did the same. Made sure it was as clean as possible before I started. I had more success with it. Just about managed to get enough out of it before it got too bad. Not nearly as impressive as Peter's version but thats about the story of my life - looking up to Peter...
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    Storage of Enzymes

    I have some ancient go to enzymes that work really well. Terrified of finishing them up.
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    Eye dissection

    Is this a demo or class set? If you are local I have a couple you can have.
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    CLEAPSS password

    Our chemistry tech received a paper copy of the bulletin.
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    Smashing Ice!

    I love my ice machine and ice crusher, saves so much time. I'd love an ice machine for home.
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    CLOSED - Science technician Hertfordshire (Watford) CLOSING: 7th July

    It says science technician all the way through then the last line says senior.
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    Extracting Oxalic acid from rhubarb leaves.

    Ooh. Thanks for the heads up.
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    Technician interview - advice please

    One bit of advice. If you mess up don't panic. I had a chemist apply for a job with my old school (I as the senior) They messed this same task up and added too much water to the volumetric. Clearly nervous as hell, was so careful and at the last bit just seemed to get the shakes and add in...
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    Extracting Oxalic acid from rhubarb leaves.

    Hi John J, Sounds similar to what we are planning, thanks.
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    Extracting Oxalic acid from rhubarb leaves.

    Hi all, I have had a request from a student for the above practical. I have sent him off to find a good method but obviously I need to look into this myself. Does anyone have any advice, methods, top tips? Thanks in advance.
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    Corona Corona...

    Now we are goggle-less. Has anyone else donated all their goggles, specs and gloves to the local hospital?