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    Respirator cartridge for Bromine?

    I once breathed in Bromine vapour and it didn't affect me at all, ik, ik, ik, i ,nkakmijfsiisajf:toxic:didisioi,dddddhsaiIOoioLOAOI:cake::lightbulb2::frankenstein::einstein::danger: they're coming to take me away HA HA:laughing:
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    Model Lungs

    Is there a blockage or restriction in the pipe?
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    Asbestos floors

    Well done Kaj!:greatjob:
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    Model Lungs

    Oooooh Matron!!!!!
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    Lab logger

    Have a look at the LabLogger User Group at the bottom of the list.
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    Discs with marbles

    Probably wax 'cos I don't think that petroleum jelly would hold a marble's weight.
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    Sheep head help!

    I noticed the roadkill Buddah!
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    Sheep head help!

    I bought a pigs head from the butcher, for domestic use, I asked him to leave the eyes in, as it then would see me through the week!!:)
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    I've been working for 50 years, always in a scientific environment, and I've noticed, and commented on this, over the years, but there seems to be a preponderance of Librans, as I am, amongst my colleagues.
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    Bubbles in Thermometers

    Oooohhhh Matron!!!!
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    How do *you* pronounce chromatography

    I have a teacher who pronounces Biuret as buy-ure-ray, I've often wondered, is she correct or are 99% of us wrong?
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    Geiger Tube Holder

    I don't quite understand why they cost so much, glorified bulb holder really aren't they? I suppose they charge so much because you are forced to pay it if you need one , it would be difficult/ unsafe to codge something up. I wonder if you could get a PET to BNC adaptor?
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    Welcome Becky, don't worry if we all appear to be mad, it's because we ARE all mad!!!!:D
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    An alternative to the Potassium manganate diffusion prac' please.

    We sometimes use onions in a frying pan over the bunsen on the front bench. The students put their hands up when they smell the onions.
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    Any Animals for sale

    Animals for sale? You can have some of our students for free!! :)