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    I wish!!! I bet they got a shock when you told them your actual wage!!
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    Class Sizes

    I have the same, 16-17 sets, class of 34 and have been setting up practical's since September, It's even worse when they are doing the same topic 3 classes at the same time, followed by another Year group the next lesson again three classes at the same time trying to juggle the almost...
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    Practical notice period

    Can I ask a question? How big is your prep room and how many trays do you have to be 2 days ahead of yourself? I'm also a lone tech and am struggling cleaning, prepping for 34 students with 5 labs on the go, the cleaning of safety specs and trays is my bug bare as I don't seem to have enough for...
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    Have you tried Amazon? It all depends on your budget. Have you asked the PE department or Geography, maybe they would be able to lone one to you?
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    Is there anyone currently doing IB Environmental systems and societies? (this is a new course for us)

    Didn't think of the geography dept, thanks for that (shall pass it on to the course organiser, she can grovel to them). We did a taster day last week using pitfall traps, (it was great fun being out of my 4 walls!!) and the Yr12's to be really enjoyed it.
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    Is there anyone currently doing IB Environmental systems and societies? (this is a new course for us)

    I don't know if this is the right page, and may sound a bit topsy-turvy. I have just been asked to see if anyone has set up an eco garden so temperature, insects, rainfall can be measured on a weekly basis. If so, how difficult was it to set up, and was there adequate data for a study? If there...
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    What are the rules regarding teachers helping themselves to chemicals in your prep room?

    I don't let any teachers touch the chemicals, only under my supervision. They are locked away under lock and key. Give them and inch, they take a mile. And who's fault would it be if they helped themselves and there was an accident.
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    how long have you worked as a technician?

    10 years this September (had a break of 6yrs looking after my children), nearly 7 years at my current school. How time has flown!!
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    Transition day

    Yep, it's for the Yr6's, great I'll have a look, thanks
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    Transition day

    Could I pick your brains for transition day as the teacher running it this year wants to use bunsens. I've said no as there isn't alot of time to go through health and safety. Any alternatives? We did cabbage indicators using kettles a few years back, but this year, they want to burn metals.
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    Sorry I need to rant

    We are now a "Cash less school". If things are to be bought then it comes out of my pocket (receipt's are given to finance and paid back into my account) or ordered on line. I have refused to do such a thing as teachers get paid a lot more than we do. I have even asked for a prepaid card...err...
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    Sorry I need to rant

    It's cost saving I have badgered every year for help. I did have a technician when I started and she wanted to go part time......."Them above" said, No!!, so she left and I have been on my own ever since.
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    Sorry I need to rant

    So, the Yr11's have finished or will be finishing their exams by the end of the week. I had the former HOD (now SLT) come up to me and casually ask about next weeks cloning practicals with the Yr11's using geraniums :surprised:. 150 Yr11 students. You can imagine the horror of my poor geraniums...
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    Returning to "Normality"

    How many practicals are you able to prep/day?