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    They're useful if you connect hose to the tap. ;)
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    Magnesium ribbon quality

    Wash it with very dilute hydrochloric acid (~0.5-1M) also works.
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    Extracting limonene from oranges by steam distillation

    We used to dispense organic in stopped test tube (couple ml. should be enough). Store in a classroom fume cupboard (if it has). After the experiment, rinse all test tubes/flasks contained organic with ethanol twice.
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    Electric Bunsen Burners???

    I believe you're referring to this kind of electric Bunsen burner:,-burners-and-mats/electric-burner/b8l76958 It said for flame experiments the burner requiring a gel.
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    Ammeters, Volt Meters and Multimeters

    I’ve all three of them. Usually provide ammeter and voltmeter when they first learn about how to measure amp/volt so they know how to connect them (also as request by the textbook). I’m using a similar model of multimeter from PH...
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    Ask students wash their hands after pract for at least 20s in proper way (as usual). Not feeling safe at all tho.
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    Not impossible. Maybe having enough glasses for rotation. But that means lot of glasses...
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    Old chemicals

    Are you actually use them? My approach to chemicals is if the teachers not using it for at least 2 years, make a note on the inventory, I’d consider dump them later. (Maybe take a picture for the old nice style chemical bottle, haha)
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    Designing and setting up a science prep/chemical store room from scratch-please help!?

    Does Korea Department of Education have any local requirements/guidelines/laws need to meet (at least minimum), especially on maximum volume of flammable chemical storage you can store in a building? Same as waste, does the Korea Department of Labour (HSE) have any requirements on how to...
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    Will schools be the first place to re-open after lockdown?

    It was visual art exam, maybe for watercolouring. In a preparation meeting I heard teachers were very worry about students might vomit during the exam (or within the exam centre) due to too stressful, which did happened on the first day of the exam in other exam centre.
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    Will schools be the first place to re-open after lockdown?

    This's happening in Hong Kong for public exam. It's more like a step by step gradually reopen school, quite similar to what happen 13 years ago for myself. Senior forms (A-level and GCSE) will return to school first, then lower forms, primary will be the last one. Nursery schools maybe just...
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    Corona Corona...

    Hello from Hong Kong. Schools have been shut down for weeks now. I still need going to office (reduced hours tho.). As you know from the news, everyone wear face mask. Gov't is still saying public schools will be resume on 20 Apr in phases. Public exam in Hong Kong is still going as planned but...
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    Alternative to matches.

    For lighting up Bunsen, I really like piezo lighters, but teachers don't. Kids like to play around BBQ style lighter. Or having several sets filled up matches boxes, so you can buy time to fill them up.