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    Waterproof chemical labels

    I see it says removable, does it mean they are reusable?
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    90cm 3 Tiers Stainless Steel Kitchen Dining Service Food Utility Trolley Cart 736691228873 | eBay I'm not sure what size you are looking for but this is 68 pounds and shows the dimensions on the picture.
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    Tech team organisation

    KS3 600 max class size 24 (28 Classes) Chemistry KS4 260 max class size 24 (12 classes) Biology KS4 244 max class size 24 (12 classes) Physics KS4 not sure but similar to biology Chemistry KS5 120 max class size 15 (10 classes) Biology KS5 100 max class size 15 (8 classes) Physics KS5 not sure...
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    Tech team organisation

    3 technicians (next year +1 senior technician) 17 teachers 17 labs (7 Chemistry, 5 Biology and 5 Physics) KS3 - KS5 (Next year +1 bio teacher) 1st tech 4x bio teachers 1 x Chem teach 2nd tech 5 x Chem teachers 1 x bio teacher 3rd tech 5 x physics teachers 1 x Chem teacher All do KS3 - we just...
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    thermite disposal

    our teachers are trying the microscale method after the Easter holidays, i'll let you know how it goes.
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    thermite disposal

    we store the tissue for pick up from the chemical waste company too. Is this correct?
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    thermite disposal

    yesterday our teachers used a method where the reaction drops into a beaker with water and sand at the bottom through a clay triangle the iron sticks to the clay triangle and drops into the sand then is fished out with a magnet. It is so messy. The other technician puts all the mix that is left...
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    thermite disposal

    Please would you be able to tell me what to do with the mixture that does react? Can this go in normal refuse?
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    Marking Glassware

    There wouldn't be enough colours for us with 19 labs! During non covid times we had student helpers that checked all the stock and replace items for us. Now with fewer practicals its not hard to keep on top of it ourselves. There are 3 of us and we mostly remember where our washing up has come...