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    stem/ science club

    Hi, here are some that our club has done :) Making/growing Copper Sulphate crystals (mass can be kept track of and charted over a period of time if you fancy - can be turned into a competition!), film canister rockets, swabbing areas in the school and seeing how much growth they get on Agar...
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    Label printer

    We use a DYMO ( You can get lots of different sized labels, and as it prints using heat you don't need to buy ink. Unfortunately, you can't add colour hazard codes, but we write the name of the hazard on the label and then use...
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    Metal watchglass

    We have a set of these, we use them for resting the crisp on whilst it burns during Calorimetry. That's probably not what they're supposed to be used for, but it works for us!:D
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    Any other apprentices on here?

    I just finished mine in July! What level apprenticeship are you doing? :)
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    how long have you worked as a technician?

    Started as an apprentice in 2018, still trying to finish and get my qualifications as my assessment kept getting pushed back due to Covid!
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    Mystery Glassware

    The bottom left bottle is a Drecshel bottle (see but unsure what the others are!
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    Naming our Science Labs

    I do like the new name, although I still think "Roley Poley Mars Explorey" should have won. Imagine calling a corridor that!
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    Naming our Science Labs

    Going for a spacecraft themed name might work. Instantly recognisable! Discovery, InSight, Pioneer and Curiosity might be good shouts, although I'm a bit of a space nerd, so I might be a little biased here :p
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    Sticking gas syringes!

    We take the plunger parts out and give everything a good wipe out with Ethanol... It cleans any grease and dirt that has collected inside and helps them move more smoothly!
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    Does anybody know what this is/how it works?

    Thank you, I tried zooming in on the instructions but couldn't work out what they were saying, and was confused as to why there was a picture of a retort stand. Thank you for your help!
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    Does anybody know what this is/how it works?

    I'm so useless :( I found a similar item by searching harmonic motion But still am not sure how it works. Lets see if it works 3rd time lucky!
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    Does anybody know what this is/how it works?

    Sorry this is my first post, wasn't really sure how to upload it! Hopefully it works now
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    Does anybody know what this is/how it works?

    We found this whilst doing the inventory and aren't quite sure how it works. After some investigation we think that it's to do with Harmonic Motion, but can't find any instructions for how to use it. Any help is very much appreciated :)