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    resources for practicals

    Now that would depend greatly on the practicals you require so a touch more information would help.
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    Hi from Trafford, home of the cricket ground

    Hi, wots a cricket ground?
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    Repainting clampstands

    Most 'Hammerites' say to apply a second coat within 3 hours or wait for days and days before a second coat is applied.
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    Simple acid/metal experiment question

    Bicycle pump is wot I used. A plastic pipette with the bulb cut in half longwise to make a wee totty spoon and puffed wiv a short blast from the pump worked better than the powder lying on the bottom of the can. Too big a blast just blows out the candle.
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    8 More days to go.....

    Briar Rose crashing your thread somewhat but to save repetition I'm retiring tomorrow too and have read all the above good wishes from everyone and applying them to me too Thanks to everybody on here. Byeeeee :crying::crying::crying:
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    Simple acid/metal experiment question

    Exploding custard (icing sugar gave me better results) can is pretty much trial and errorwith candle flame position and height, input method and getting a good puff cloud. Had a few good bangs and the lid contacting the ceiling more than once. The icing sugar also gave a lovely colour coming...
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    Objectives for the coming year

    One I put in was to attend gender changing pre-operative course. Not commented upon by anyone further up the food chain.
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    New staff book....

    Fingers amputations needed. :eek:
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    All Terrain Trolley?

    Problem with this type of trolley is that they are made of biscuit tin material and maybe not the longest lived. Our janitor knows this.
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    It's started already.......

    :areyousure?: That is exactly what Technicians are for. ;)
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    Room ventilation

    Mess - - what mess
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    An appliance's PAT test failed, what's next?

    The formal process of using a device with a red FAIL sticker is DON'T USE IT end of story.
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    Good substances to test with red cabbage?

    Why waste red cabbage when it goes so well with mince and tatties. ;)
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    How many of us are Horse/Pony owners

    How many of us are Horse/Pony owners? Count me out of that one, my experience is that they are stubborn, smelly things that eat a lot.
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    Room ventilation

    Skools here too