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    Groundhog Covid

    I assume my hours are my hours- as long as I work them, its in their own interest for me to work them out for the best way I can do my job. If I have to come in early to do something in particular, or finish late, then no-one is going to complain. If I take a long lunchbreak, but more usefully...
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    Technician survival kit/leaving present ideas

    Had to google, sounded rude...
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    Technician survival kit/leaving present ideas

    Own set of watchmakers screwdrivers, borers and alan keys? And corkscrew/bottle opener (for after work!)
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    Alternative A'level Required Practicals 10 and 12

    Read your onward as 'on ward'- thought *&*%$, strong anaphylaxis...' hope you're ok.. Cleapss have previously helped me when I've requested alternate experiments..
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    Microscope Maintenance - new problem

    Any other help with this would be great.. Removing the lenses didn't help me see anything that could be tightened or adjusted, and the central screw between the objectives seems to be as tight as I can manage (though as I haven't dared remove the stage, their might be room for adjustment, but...
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    TV etiquette

    Split household, husband has parents from Cardiff, so husband and son put Welsh before English always. For clarification, he was born in England, raised in England, and ancestors were English....
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    Storing 0.01M Iodine to test starch

    Small amber glass bottles for stock solution, 60ml dropper bottles for class sets: After a while, they all look 'amber' too, as the iodine stains them, but as long as the labels are renewed over time (also due to staining) I presume that's...
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    TST strips for autoclave

    Timstar look to have them in stock..
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    Sodium Thiosulfate solution

    Cleapss has a recipe card. Suggests pinch of sodium bicarb..
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    Just noticed these in SSS Don't usually use them, and can't verify how sturdy they are, but can't argue with the prices.. (I'll stop looking now..!)
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    Data harvest dynamics trolleys ? or other recommendations ?

    Look good, but I've just googled their prices.. :confused:
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    ''Two years experience''

    Sounds like you've had a really rough time BioBee... I thought applying for your own job was a bit, well, illegal? Good luck with your applications.. Their loss....
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    I've only really rung them for chemistry advice, and found them quite helpful.. May depend on who you get..
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    Chem stocktake list

    I must admit, if I was starting from scratch, I'd use the CLEAPSS version to save time. As I use the same list every year, with additions dated etc if/as they come in, I'm still using my own excel version. They are also on lablogger, with hazcards attached, but that's a different story, as only...