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    Grant JB1 waterbaths with plastic lining

    Not yet, but look forward to hearing any good ideas as we have one already out of use and a couple more about to go due to this very problem
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    No Ventilation in prep room

    Didgit is quite right not sure if they are officially "banned" - I'd have to check on CLEAPSS, but they are downright dangerous. We had some in our chemistry department and opening the door to one room would regularly send fumes into the other, rather than up the flue
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    Another Griffin and George Mystery object

    Simon is spot on according to my 1969 Griffin and George catalogue, S27-582 is the EXELO Gas Syringe set & S27-582/002 is a spare Combustion Tube, Silica, 150mm long, 7mm OD, 5mm bore, with 2 loose fitting hard glass rods 20mm long with rubber end caps.HV08YAU. Price 11 shillings 3d. No, I...
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    Retired, again!

    Glad you are staying on here Nick, your advice and knowledge have helped me out of more than one hole!
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    identifying glassware u-tube

    Looking at my old (1960) Philip Harris catalogue, there is a constriction just above the upper bulb, then the capillary runs from the bottom of the upper bulb to just before the U bend. It also says "capillary tube is 1mm diameter, unless otherwise stated" so I guess the diameter is needed for...
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    identifying glassware u-tube

    What you have there is a viscometer, specifically an Ostwald viscometer. If I remember rightly you suck the liquid under investigation up into the upper bulb then time how long it takes for the liquid to run back out between a start line and a stop line, from that you can calculate the...
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    Circuits with Variable Resistor

    If you are using them as a potential divider, power supply across the blue and yellow terminals, output across one of the greens (either one) and either yellow or blue depending on whether you want the voltage to increase or decrease as you turn it clockwise.
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    Glass steam traps - which experiments used them?

    Hi Paul, if Mad Hatters are the same as mine then they are a glass bulb with a tube entering either end - one is straight, the other bent over inside the bulb at an angle. Similar to this although the glass bulbs on mine are spherical rather than...
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    Glass steam traps - which experiments used them?

    Aah! I think I may have it thanks to my old 1960 Philip Harris catalogue. It looks like it is to prevent water droplets being carried through to the condenser by the steam when measuring latent heat of vaporization.
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    Glass steam traps - which experiments used them?

    The only reference that I can find is to prevent water vapour being sucked into a vacuum pump, spoiling the oil. That would explain us having a couple, but not a drawer full.
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    Glass steam traps - which experiments used them?

    Whatever it was, it must have been done as a class practical as I have about 30 of them in a drawer here (6th form college physics department). Not been asked for them in the 38 years that I've been here! I'll have a look in our old Nuffield A level books.
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    Mire Mysteries!

    Wow, I'd better lock ours up then;). It gets used with every class before they use real verniers for the first time.
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    Banana plugs

    Absolutely agree, the old ones with a solid pin & a single springy wire last much longer. I've had to resort to bending some of the basket style ones to get a good contact.
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    Hello and Thank you from Sunny Cumbria

    Just an ordinary day then...
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    Wheatstone bridge: DIY build tips?

    Not actually syllabus (IB) any more, but a good source of individual project work, along with wire potentiometers - EMF and internal resistance of a Daniell cell anyone?