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    Dusting off my Labcoat

    How about setting assessed practicals, they might get some that work:vampire:
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    Dusting off my Labcoat

    Nice to have you back Beaker, sounds like a lovely setup.
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    Radioactive storage

    Ask your RPO exactly where in CLEAPSS LO93 it says ground floor only. Provided it is in a secure location it should be fine, and if it's out of your regular workspace then all the better. The only thing I'd suggest is that you notify the local fire service as to it's new location (although when...
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    Hi All I am a Senior technician for over 30 years and have never been told to trial experiments. My HoD is telling me to trial all experients to m

    It depends on the teacher, usually they are happy for me to take the readings, then they do the calculations. Can't beat a bit of team work!
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    AC generator

    Possibly one of the magnets has lost some strength due to a knock. A quick tip on AC and DC settings on the CRO, switching to "DC" will show everything, DC and AC, so is the usual one to use. Switching to "AC" will block out any DC in the signal, useful for looking at small AC signals which are...
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    AC generator

    Technically correct, but many of the items sold as "dynamos" these days in fact have an AC output. Just to confuse the teachers more ours outputs 2 cycles of AC for one revolution;)
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    Unknown glass items, can you shed light on them?

    Nice one Nick, I knew that it would be in there somewhere. The one that I thought it was, the thermoscope, has one bulb blackened, so yours is a much better match. In that case it's not ether in the bulb but water, to quote from the 1960 Philip Harris physics catalogue, it is listed under...
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    Unknown glass items, can you shed light on them?

    I know that the curved one is called a thermoscope & will contain ether, but I can't for the life of me remember what it does - it's something to do with the ether evaporating and condensing.
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    mystery equipment

    I'll take a look through my old catalogues, but the fact that it is Griffin & Tatlock rather than Griffin & George dates it to pre 1954. I've got a Griffin & George 1966 catalogue so hopefully will find something similar.
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    Hello from Wirral

    You've come to the right place for stories;)
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    Burettes - class A or class B

    Maybe have one set of class A for your own use, class B should do for everything else - if your students are like ours, the uncertainties in weighing etc will be much bigger than uncertainties in class B glassware.
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    Hi MTW, the more the merrier:)
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    Power Supplies

    Can you give us an update when you've used them for a while?
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    The stress of small annoyances

    Oh dear, don't get me started, I've got 37 years worth stored up. Particular one is teacher in lesson 1 using kit that has been put out for lesson 2, although it's got a great big sign on it saying "for mister "x" - lesson 2", then not seeing the problem because "you get 5 minutes between...
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    Another Charles' Law thread

    I'm a bit less certain now. I think that by chance I managed to pick one of the few gas syringes that still worked OK, at some time in the past I think that plungers and barrels got swapped. I know that they are sold as being interchangeable but I have my doubts. Anyhow, I just got a few...