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    North Kent Technician Network Hi All, The very popular annual IOP Regional Physics Day is back in-person. It is for technicians as well and is FOC. I have been quite a few times and found it very useful and the lunch was well worth going...
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    Independent schools inspection

    We had a recent ISI inspection and it was the same. We have compliance records (fume cupboard, pressure vessel, PAT etc), annual chemical inventory, Science dept. H & S policy etc online, so they were given access to this before the inspection and then just came to check that I knew how to...
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    Sad/bad news

    What a shock! I am really sorry to hear that. I found George's advice very valuable on several occasions. Sending my condolences to his family, friends and work colleagues.
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    The science of Ice Cream

    Thank you for this. I can't find any mention online when I google it. I see that it is something to do with Reading university. Is it part of an 'engagement' project or something?
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    North Kent Technician Network

    That's very interesting. I don't need any at the moment but I will remind everyone to check out the post
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    IB textbooks for sale

    These books have now been sold
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    IB textbooks for sale

    We have recently changed from IB to A - Levels and have some textbooks that are still current to sell. They are all Oxford IB Diploma Programme 2014 edition in good condition (for quick ref see attachment for ISBN and sample photo of the books) We are based in Gravesend, Kent. Obviously these...
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Will the details come through James Bennett?
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Great thank you.
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Good morning everyone, I hope that you are all well and looking forward to slowly getting back to some normality? As expected the updated advice from Cleapss is on their website. Take care all.
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Good morning all, I hope that everyone is coping in these strange and unsettling times? Please take a look at the Cleapss website as they have recently updated some of their advice in guide GL343 about the use of domestic dishwashers for cleaning, amongst other things. It may make life a little...
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    Informing premises of dangerous chemical orders

    I produced a brief guidance document that has been given to all relevant staff and is displayed in reception. It is included in our departments' H & S documents. As a matter of course, I do not order any chemicals to be delivered when I am not there if at all possible but I live locally...
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Thanks Sarah. I saw them too and am deciding if it is worth just printing them instead of hand annotating the old ones. Think I know which I will choose :)
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    Free online CPD Tue Sep 29th

    Thank you for sharing Ophelia. I too missed out on a ticket sadly
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    Density Column

    That is amazing! Well done and thank you for sharing.:)