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    Anyone know if this company is still active?

    I sent an email about an order to our rep Niki Bristow last week and have had absolutely no response!
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    How can I sterilize agar medium without an autoclave?

    If it's only the technique couldn't you give them gelatine plates instead of agar? Problem solved?
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Hi Hannah, I haven't attended one of these as it's never at a good time for me but I will say that the majority of STEM Technician events run by James Bennett are valuable. I have been joining in the regular TEAMS technician Network meetings and they have been useful. Hope you get to go :)
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    Fume cupboard service

    I strongly advise you to get 3 quotes from different companies as they vary greatly - £100's difference!
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Thanks Sarah, I joined the last meeting and found it to be a valuable use of my time :) Hope to meet you virtually on the 23rd
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    Standing Waves for Students

    We use a cheap electric toothbrush (Pound shop), shearing elastic, Hope that helps :)
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    Problem with OCR PAG 5.1 Synthesis of a haloalkane

    We use round - bottom flasks as they fit the heating mantels. Good luck!
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    Problem with OCR PAG 5.1 Synthesis of a haloalkane

    Definitely used 2-methylpropan-2-ol. Perhaps there is a problem with the glassware joints leading to evaporation? We use heating mantles btw
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    Problem with OCR PAG 5.1 Synthesis of a haloalkane

    Thanks for all of your replies. No refluxing stage in the OCR version. Some years it works and some it doesn't. Just wondered if it was an easy fix.
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    Problem with OCR PAG 5.1 Synthesis of a haloalkane

    Good afternoon all, I need a bit of advice please. Two sets of students have done this practical and nothing has distilled over. The 50ml flask was empty at 37C. What went wrong? Thanks in advance for your experience and knowledge
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Hi Catherine, I've received your email and will respond hopefully today. I think we might know a school gas engineer :)
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    North Kent Technician Network

    Good afternoon all, Just a heads-up that we are hosting Operating Theatre Live event here at Cobham Hall on 26th April 2022 from 4.30-8.30pm. Tickets are available through their Med-Soc website This is an amazing opportunity for students aged 14+ who are interested...
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    Water circuit models x 2

    Just been clearing out cupboards and found these two Griffin & George water circuit models. We don't use them and want to 'move them on'. If you are interested let me know. We're in Kent but happy to post if you pay p & p Found this information about them on IOP website Water circuit |
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    Independent schools inspection

    I'm glad it wasn't too traumatic in the end. Glass of something nice to celebrate the end of the added stress?
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    North Kent Technician Network Hi All, The very popular annual IOP Regional Physics Day is back in-person. It is for technicians as well and is FOC. I have been quite a few times and found it very useful and the lunch was well worth going...