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    Glassware for visually impaired pupils

    contact RNIB they are very keen to help with this sort of thing
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    Time to hang up my labcoat

    Reading this makes me feel a little odd as I am unlikely to live till my retirement age. Everyone: make sure you take time to enjoy life now, don't put everything off till retirement. Of course if I do manage to live another 10 years then I will have to rethink my policy.
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    Got to empty chemical store

    we were given a large container to put all our chemicals (and everything else) into - it was for nearly 4 months and I had to kick up a fuss to get ventilation put in as despite my advice, containers were put in place where they received full sun at hottest part of day. I was told builders would...
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    Waterproof chemical labels

    I just use book covering plastic over printed labels similar to the ones you have shown - I like your idea of school logo though - may ask my teachers if they like the idea too.
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    Chemicals Stock List

    For new stock that comes in, first thing I do is weigh the pot then write the mass of the container on it (deducting mass of contents). For old stock that came in years ago, every year when I do the stock take I arm myself with a load of empty jars and weigh ones that are approximately the same...
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    How Clean/Tidy are your prep rooms?

    I would question motives of teacher - I suspect it's because they couldn't find something they wanted to help themselves to. I am naturally an untidy person, but since starting job share last September I have had to learn to leave everything very clear as to where it belongs, where it's going...
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    Views of Your Prep Room

    I love my tiny prep room - everything is where I can reach (often without getting off my chair). I have a separate office space and separate store which is a bit of a pain - lots of walking between rooms. There has been a bid put in for money to update the science department, the two main points...
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    Related to how many technicians....

    We had county H&S audit - I pointed out all the problems. A few months later we get a congratulatory email from Headteacher to tell us that once again our School has scored top marks in H&S audit. I assume our petty concerns regarding hazardous chemicals etc are not considered relevant.
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    Related to how many technicians....

    I only have an average of 50 practicals or so a week to prep and I thought I was busy... 7 teachers, 1 trainee, 101 teaching hours per week, 5 labs I do 27 hours TTO over 4 days, on my day off we have a new Technician doing 6 hours (rest of our teachers & labs are covered by someone else)
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    How many Technicians?

    Here we have 9 labs in 3 separate buildings. I work 27 hours (4 days a week) and cover 5 labs and 81 teaching hours per week. on my day off we have 1 technician who works 6 hours., covers the same 5 labs and 21 teaching hours. The other 4 labs (which are in 2 separate buildings) are covered by a...
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    Measuring frequency for EDEXCEL speed of Sound in solid CORE PRAC

    We don't let students do this one - it's a Technician demo. (can't let them loose with hammers...) Also, our pupils don't have access to IT in science classrooms so we have to rely on phones to do this. (In our school, you have to go to an IT room to use IT). Took me ages to find something -...
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    How many practicals do you prep a week?

    I look after 5 labs, 5 periods a day - so in theory I could have 25 practicals a day to prep - in practise it's usually about 10-15 a day so about the same as you I guess. However if other Technician is off sick I have to cover her 4 labs too - I've found that I can only cope with covering 9...
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    Not replacing Head Tech

    In our School the senior tech position is not about managing other technicians (in fact I have written confirmation to the effect that I am not supposed to do this). What is my responsibility (and not other technician's) is keeping records of dept budget (including ordering stuff as required...
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    Not replacing Head Tech

    so what did the head tech do that now no longer needs doing? Or who is doing those things that he did?
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    Not replacing Head Tech

    No generic job descriptions - as support staff are regulated locally rather than nationally - that is, I believe one of the things the unions want to address. In theory any school can say what they like about what is and is not a technician's job and similarly pay what they like. Local council...