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    IMS not actually IMS!

    Thanks for the response Karen. To clarify, the caps have come a long way since the days of having to tape to reduce chance of leakage. The seals and thread on the bottle allow for some vapour release and so you do not get the bottle swelling from a buildup of pressure which can happen when a...
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    Our 2021 Catalogues!

    To compliment our current 2021 Science catalogue, we are pleased to announce our NEW Summer 2021 COMBINED DESIGN & TECHNOLOGY AND FOOD PREPARATION & NUTRITION CATALOGUE is now available. These catalogues feature some great new product ranges to help bring your lessons to life and with everyday...
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    IMS not actually IMS!

    Hi all. Our manufacturer has investigated this issue and has responded below. Hopefully modifying the bottles and utilizing tape will eradicate any contamination going forward. Best regards from the BEES team! “We are dropping 6 Bottles off to you tomorrow, They have the Batch of 1794/4N...
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    IMS not actually IMS!

    Steve B please get in touch with us (Phil Backes...head of operations) as we’d like to carry out a thorough investigation. Mislabelling chemicals would clearly be a problem on many levels and it's not something we have ever come across with our manufacturer, so we need to check batch info. etc...
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    New 2021 Science Catalogue Available Now!

    We are delighted to announce our NEW 2021 SCIENCE CATALOGUE is now available. Following our regular comprehensive review of market pricing we're confident this latest catalogue continues to offer the lowest possible prices for like products. As well as an extensive and expanded range of Science...
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    Bio-Rad and Data Harvest Now Available From SLS Select Education

    Hi. Thanks for this, but just for info. Better Equipped were chosen by Data Harvest in 2016 as one of their two main UK distributors. We offer the full Data Harvest range of Data Loggers & Sensors, both standard and also the new Wireless range. Best regards.
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    Yes please email or call and we will sort! :)
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    Please see attached below NEW Catalogue Announcements as well as our latest PPE listings, now featuring Surgical Masks and Medical Face Visors as well as a Core Range of PPE that we have purchased in bulk and should be able to maintain in full supply. Most of these products will be available for...
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    Please see attached below Your 2020 Science Catalogue carrier sheet, featuring a Core Range of PPE that we have purchased in bulk and should be able to maintain in full supply. Most of these products will be available for delivery from June with Goggles and Face Shields available from...
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    Goggles & Spectacles UV Sanitising Cabinets Available at Better Equipped!

    Check out our NEW Eisco Goggles & Spectacles UV Sanitising Cabinet: 36 Goggle Capacity UV Sanitising Wall mountable £388.98 plus VAT and available from July 2020.
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    NEW BIGGER RANGE OF AFFORDABLE HIGH QUALITY GLASSWARE. LABGLASS® is a range of premium quality, ISO Certified, 3.3. Borosilicate Laboratory Glassware. It’s available predominantly through Better Equipped in the UK and represents a better value alternative to many well known ranges of premium...
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    CLEAPSS Back to School Advice......Milton Tablets!

    For Goggle & Spectacles Sterilisation, you can now purchase these from us on-line or via Purchase Order. Code 980120 £14.98 for a Pack of 6 x Boxes, equivalent to £2.50 per Box. Our very best regards.....from the Better Equipped Team.
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    Hi everyone. We are open 8.30-5.00pm every day. We are contacting schools the day before dispatch to check they are open and ok to accept deliveries. All the best!
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    Your NEW Better Equipped Summer & Autumn Term Science Catalogue (Advanced Web or Hard Copy).

    We are holding off mailing your NEW Summer/Autumn Term Science Catalogue because of the Coronavirus Pandemic. We therefore thought it might be useful to be able to access the NEW Science Catalogue on-line, to help with preparations for the new term. Therefore a link to the NEW Science Catalogue...
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    Best Wishes and Business As Usual.......Almost!

    To all of our customers, suppliers, contacts and friends, Our Best Wishes are with you at this unprecedented time. We wish you all the very best of health and good fortune and we hope you experience little or no disruption both personally and professionally. If you need us we will be here. We...