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    Food firm offering £62000 a year to pick broccoli

    Already told my line manager I'm leaving to pick cabbages ;)
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    Should we club together for a self hosted version of lablogger?

    I've been using Bunsen for the last year - I havent fully intergreated it as a practical request system more of my own personal tracking inventory and some practicals before I lure my teachers onto using it I have used lablogger for the free year and while it definetly has more features than...
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    Chemistry Techician Event

    A former collegue of mine has invited me to this event where they will be talking about practical chemistry - all welcome and I thought I'd leave it here if anyone else would like to attend Join us on Tuesday 13th July (3-4 pm) for our LIVE session ‘Chemistry Technician Demonstration’ lead by...
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    Arranging / organising microscope slides

    I inhertied a similar collection which were already semi sorted into small slide boxes in a label in cupboard Spent a week checking each box had what it should have (many didnt) and re-doing labels as needed I've now got them in stacks (body, animal, leaf, root, flower) type catagories which...
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    The new T levels in science

    If your looking for anything to do with practicals, anything I have found suggested it is very similar to the btech practicals - there is a document which has a brief list of the practical skills needed. If I can refind the link I'll share
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    The new T levels in science

    Very similar story here as well, T-levels starting next year and we are scarmbling to refurnish the labs in time I'm being pulled as tech for science, healthcare science and maybe some health and social
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    What are these?

    I found Haemocytometer chambers about a month ago, so these would live with them?
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    What are these?

    Would anyone have a copy of the teacher notes that comes with the westminster-electromagnetic-kit which I think this is from based on your comment
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    What are these?

    Some unknowns in the lab clean up any help identfying would be very helpful!
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    Clear out donation pile - must be gone by 10th July

    The rest of the photos
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    Clear out donation pile - must be gone by 10th July

    Hi All, I've done a big clean out and have several bits of kit for donation - no guarantee working as I simply do not have time to test Collection from the oldham area pictures below Assortment of measuring cylinders 3 DC power Supplies 14 tripods 4 - 1L measuring cylinders 11 heat proof mats 1...
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    Finding a new power cable for balance

    Tried finding the manufacturer with little luck, definitely matches those 5 pin din connector fingers crossed I find one!
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    Finding a new power cable for balance

    Would anyone know where to look for a replacement power cable for this balance?
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    Excess of Test and Boiling tubes

    I'm fighting a losing battle trying to keep the preproom organised with all the generic stuff we have - we have a massive excess of test tubes, combustion tubes and boiling tubes for how many labs and students we have. Before I contemplate donating them on if there anything I can make or have...
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    Teacher Ordering system

    For me it kept crashing, I had to add my school (the can't find your school? button) then sign up worked fine after that