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    Prepared Microscope slides

    I was just looking myself for new prepared slides, from better equipped.
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    OCR exam board Trypsin enzyme RP - any tips?

    Just ran this practical yesterday using Sainsburys skimmed milk powder 3% strength well mixed in water , and 0.5% trypsin dilution well mixed , pH7 buffer , and it worked fine. The reaction happened within 5 minutes . Trial it before use jus to make sure. If the milk powder is aged and lumpy...
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    how long have you worked as a technician?

    This is my 3rd full year, I previously worked for P&G 34 years. Its been a big change in work environment
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    Storing 0.01M Iodine to test starch

    Bought these from Breckland, using them this week, and working ok