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    OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Applied Science

    I've adapted most of my technician sheets from Cleapss, Royal Society of Chemistry, and the GCSE/A-Level practicals we do anyway.
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    OCR Cambridge Technicals Level 3 Applied Science

    We've had to make ours up or borrow from A-level/GCSE. Not a lot of technician help available as far as I'm aware.
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    A step too far?

    Wash and reuse slides and cover slips (unless they're broken). We are a very small school and only use about 30 coverslips a year so washing them isn't a problem. When I worked in a larger school we just binned them.
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    Bung Storage

    Like Techitude but in round yogurt pots or margarine tubs
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    Water bath

    When I need high temperatures (eg 65C), I start it off by using either the hottest water from the tap (ours is about 50-60C) or boiling water from the kettle. If I use the kettle, I put a bit of cold in first then add boiling water till I get to the correct temperature.
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    "Devious Licks" Trend

    Thanks for the heads up, I'll let the teachers know to keep a look out.
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    Bunsen Burners soot on boiling tubes

    I put them in an acid bath of 1M hydrochloric for a few minutes then wash by hand. The acid bath makes them a lot easier to clean.
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    how long have you worked as a technician?

    5 years at my previous school. Been here nearly 4.
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    Elodea and it's non invasive substitutes - supply issues

    I use a 3 litre beaker filled with rainwater from my water butt at home. I change the water every week. It needs to be aerated to keep the pond weed alive. As mentioned by TechNewham, we put it under bright light to get it really going before the practical. If it's summer, this can take an hour...
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    George's marvellous medicine

    making sherbert would be good for taste.
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    Should Technicians be Booted and Suited - Any further views?

    I always go for smart stuff from the charity shop if I can. As everyone's said, with the number of times I end up with tiny acid holes in my clothes it's not worth spending good money on nice clothes. At least with charity shop clothes, it doesn't seem so wasteful when the clothes get wrecked as...
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    Transporting radioactive sources

    I had a couple of quotes of around £200-250 + VAT, even though we only wanted to move the sources about 15 miles. Basically we had to pay for the driver to drive all the way from London to Bristol, move the sources between two nearby schools and then drive back to London.
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    What shape are your delivery tubes?

    I put a short length of glass tubing through a bung and then connect it to a longer length of glass tubing using a short piece of rubber tubing. I find this type is less likely to get broken and it's easier to set up an experiment because they are flexible. You can add an extra length of rubber...
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    Required Practical - Analysis and Purification of Water Samples

    Our Chemistry teacher used the cobalt chloride paper to show that there was water present in both the salt water and the distilled water. This showed that the cobalt chloride paper indicated the presence of water, but was not a suitable indicator of whether the water was potable. She used it to...
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    Cheapest small pots with lids for solids?

    These come in a range of sizes: 15, 30, 60ml. The 15ml ones are probably about the size you're looking for.