Mental Health Matters

A place to talk about mental health in a supportive environment. These posts will probably be mostly work related but feel free to ramble about anything at all that you need to get off your chest.

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Group Ethos/Rules:
  1. Always try to be nice, but never fail to be kind. - We want this to be a safe place to talk through issues, and while we understand that not everyone has the energy to help out all the time, at least always try to be empathetic when commenting on peoples posts.
  2. What is said here stays here. - Any issues raised in the group which are of serious or legal nature may of course need to be raised elsewhere but for the most part, this group is for people to feel safe talking about personal issues, so avoid bringing up peoples stories here in other parts of the forum.
  3. Lend an ear, then lend a hand. - We understand that not everyone always has the energy to talk about their issues openly or help others with theirs, but a few kind words can really help someone feel 'seen'. If you have the energy to do so, we would appreciate you taking the time to interact with other folks posts in the group.
  4. If you or someone you know are experiencing a crisis, seek professional help. - We are hear to support each other as much as we can, but if you or someone you know is going through a severely bad time, it may be best to make contact with professional mental health support. There will be a pinned post in the group with lists of mental health support links and contact details.
  5. No 'gatekeeping' or discrimination. - Mental health is a very personal topic by its very nature. What you might find easy, others struggle with severely and vise versa, so refrain from comments that may belittle others into thinking their issues are not 'severe enough' to warrant a post. Any kind of mental health chat is welcomed here and any concerns, no matter how small they may seem, are valid to raise and discuss.
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