Zinc sheets

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  1. Hi all

    Can anyone suggest where i can buy some zinc sheets for fruits cells from please.
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  2. Hi cns1. Just a suggestion - no need to by Zinc sheets, just use Zinc Nails instead.By the way didid you know that in 2016 Prof Saiful Islam made a fruit battery from 1,013 Lemons and the voltage across the battery was 1.275 kV. In the words of Michael caine "Not a lot of people know that!". Still, it's probably not suitable for powering a Tesla.
  3. If it is sheets you want, I was shopping around for the best price I could find last year and ended up on Ebay.
    Try this search there:
    0.5mm Thick 100x100mm High Purity Pure Zinc Zn Sheet Plate
  4. Cheers for that.
  5. Galvanised roofing nails are a cheap alternative and easier to stab fruit with
  6. You can also buy copper nails.
  7. Ebay brilliant got what I needed thanks for input:)