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  1. :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:..:eek::eek::eek::eek: Surely you don't mean trashed stelden?:D:D
  2. I don't see the need for multiple cups, I use one cup all day at home and one cup of my own in work all day. I came back of Maternity to find a list of jobs including "wash cups after break and dinner"...they soon stopped that when I wrote on it in big letters "I am no ones skivvy!". weirdly enough the list disappeared then...
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  3. You know us too well George... :D
  4. It's always amazing that we can be thought of as a private minion. We put a sign up more or less saying unwashed crockery or cutlery goes in the bin.

    And... Rant ahead, does anyone else get peed off at, 'There's a spill there,' (not ours), 'the copier has no toner' (we aren't IT techs), 'there is no loo roll in the staff toilet' (huh!!!) 'someone has been sick on the stairs' (b*gger off and get a bucket and cloth then).

    Can't folk operate a brush and shovel, washcloth or phone?! We'd hate to see their homes!
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  5. I always think this! My home is by no means perfect but come on, how hard is it to wash a cup! I should have phoned them up and asked him to clean up my sons "accidents" last night, he had the runs, it wasn't pleasant and I've never moved him into his own bed so fast.
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