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  1. Hi

    Can anyone think of a WOW experiment [yeah I know it's Biology o_O] that can be conducted in a 30 min practical!
  2. Not really WOW but they seem to like pink agar cubes and diffusion practical, making algal balls (but they won't have time to do anything with them!), heart dissection, anything to do with maggots!!
  3. It's not exciting per se but we do ruler reaction times and make it competitive. Also optical illusions can be fun too.
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  4. Respiration core practical using maggots or woodlice always has the yew! factor... Our students love creepy crawlies.
  5. Hello Beaker. How about Strawberry DNA extraction?:);)
  6. for a demo, H2O2, ethanol and liver, makes O2 and H2 foam which you can explode. o_O

    makes a mess though. :eek:

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  7. Well it would get the WOW factor and would fit in with what we normally do, algal balls & yeast. Due to time constraints dropped the, liver, potato part of the prac and was going to demo so maybe exploding liver as a better demo!!

    What ratio of ethanol to peroxide do you use?

    Thanks!! :D:D
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  8. It is recommended by CLEAPPS that this should be a demo so don't use 1 Kg of Liver and 100% peroxide or you will be washing off liver of the walls for a month or so.:D:D
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  10. Just scale up the canon fire recipe in a large beaker

    I would practice it first and use a safety screen etc we usually light it with a splint on a meter rule, the teacher may want to wear ear defenders as with an h2 & O2 balloon.

    it will hit the ceiling so watch out for light fittings.
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  11. Yes Paul I agree - it's rather unpleasant having pieces of liver everywhere.:D:D
  12. OK 100mls of 20vol H202, 100mls of 90% Ethanol not to big a piece of liver, -practiced outside and can I say my ears are ringing :D:eek::rolleyes:

    So need to do a second trial as one teacher missed it!! BUT been asked to avoid the exam which is on this afternoon :D
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