Your relationship with your fellow techies/tech boss

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  1. Afternoon all,

    Just curious to know about your relationships with the techies you work in your school with?

    Mine seems to be interesting to say the least. My previous tech boss trained me (he is now doing teacher training at the same school and I always ask him for extra pointers) and he has been of great help since i've been here since April.

    My new boss is something different. His English language is not so good, so I am in the situation of playing 'Chinese whispers' (no offence with that phrase) with him and the teachers (he said this, I told him that etc). In addition to this, I used to send out practical request emails in which I stated clearly about deadlines, requirements if you want one of the techs to help demo etc. He has taken on this now, and gave the option of teachers to fill in their requests in two different ways (so guess who spends their time trying to copy requests to a central document). I put my point across of how this was a time-wasting activity, and yet was ignored. In addition to this, he is reluctant to turn down practical requests that are last minute (like on the day type and take some time!), and also is not firm with asking teachers to be concise with what they need (I would be doing this in the practical reminder email). Thus, I now in the position of doing practicals on the day (I love being ahead). I fear that time for other tech things will be wasted.

    I've also refused to deliver practicals to 'dry lab's (normal science rooms which are not labs and thus have no water etc) and have stated concerns via email to the teachers who have not decided to organised their rooms in their own time (it is their responsibility). My boss will insist on delivering to a dry lab but I fear if an accident happens I will be responsible if I deliver a practical to a normal room.

    Oh, and my fingers got burnt when he asked me quickly to help with the whoosh bottle in which he did not explain what it was fully, and I was a rookie and made the mistake of trusting him..

    This in addition to him wasting work time (outside of his lunch) to sort out a parking ticket, then having the cheek to question if keeping specimens like the ants/stick insects was an effective use of my time (they are for science club).

    Can anyone beat that? :D
  2. I love working with my senior, we have a good laugh and constantly check each other if it's a rough day. Luckily, we rarely have a brain-blank simultaneously! (That my senior also has access here and my appraisal is coming up soon are not relevant factors at all...!).
  3. The only way to deal with this is to put your head over the parapet and do it by the book. Find out what your relevant policies are and then do something like raising your concerns with his line manager or some other relevant person, like your H&S lead. Point out that, if these things continue, you will be forced, by law, to report them to outside authorities. There may be an internal hierarchy you have to follow before this happens. Continue to refuse to do things that you consider to be unsafe.

    Sit back and watch the fireworks.
  4. So far I have a great working relationship both with my line manager and the other technician. I cover KS3 and Biology while she covers Chemistry and Physics and we work together really well.
  5. I think that you may be in for a difficult time Jimbob.:(
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  6. Can you ask for a meeting with your HOD and just go through your concerns without pointing fingers.

    Play the game and say you will do as your boss asks to the best of your ability BUT you have concerns and would like to raise them so that in the case of an accident they cannot deny awareness remember we all have a duty of care not just to the students but to each other. Take notes and if possible create a paper trail to cover your ass.

    In my experience you should make it a H&S problem rather that a personal problem and you've got a better chance of them listening.
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  7. My advice is to put all your concerns in an email and copy in all relevant people. Raise it as a Health and Safety concern so it can't be ignored and if they do choose to ignore it, you have the email as evidence that you had raised the concern so it covers your back.
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  8. Thank you guys for the replies.

    The only 'concern' I have (isn't one in the sense of something that should be one), is that I am an agency worker and he is employed by the school.

    That being said, I believe what one does in their role should not be influenced by ones contract. After all, my boss may be employed by the school but I don't think this should shield him from responsibilities that he has not met.

    I am currently printing and saving paper trails secretly. It is quite sad as I love this role!
  9. There's only me here... so I can only 'fall out' with myself - and there's only me to answer to...:rolleyes:o_O
    I don't actually see much of anyone to be honest,I say Good Morning to the teachers and then everyone is busy with their own work. I get a decent craic with caretakers and the IT guys if they visit...and that's about it.
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  10. Ditto..
  11. Me too.

    I never realised I could be so boring until I only had myself to talk to :).
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  12. Dod


    But you never have a disagreement and all your ideas are good ones. :p
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  13. What happens when he has a bad idea and disagrees with himself?
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  14. Cheapest/requiring less effort idea wins..
  15. Dod


    Then he must have a bit of Jekyll and Hyde about him
  16. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon COMMITTEE

    Sometimes, me myself and I do often have in head arguments about stuff but after a timeout it does sort it self out...

    Kinda glad I work on my own then there is one set of rules for the teachers ro follow
  17. sounds like my position...bit dull at times!
  18. It is, my fellow techie would just give each other that 'look' when things went wrong, and burst into laughter... and at meetings we dare not look at each other just in case the giggles started.
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  19. I'm finding the change from "solo tech doing all three to GCSE" to "one of three chem techs doing up to A-level in a team of 10 science techs" quite challenging. I like all the other techs but I'd got used to being by myself.
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  20. wow thats a lot of technicians!