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  1. I have been asked by our Careers Adviser if I can accommodate a year 10 student for 2 days work experience. I've read the CLEAPSS advice and I just want to know if any of you have done this before and would like any advice/reservations.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. There's a thread on here... not sure how to link...
    I won't take any - too many risks - too much confidential info - not enough time - teachers in and out occasionally discussing other students - phone calls are no longer private - not recommended

    Part of a Cleapss document... (sorry Preproom if this is not allowed:eek:)

    The particular problems of school prep rooms Regulation 8 of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999 refers to “danger areas”. We think it is self-evident that school prep rooms will normally be danger areas – hazardous chemicals may be in use or in storage, microbiological cultures may be autoclaved, radioactive sources may be removed from storage and put ready for a lesson, electrical equipment may be stripped down for repair. If the prep room is a danger area, it follows automatically that access must be restricted to those who have had suitable training (this is why schools should not permit pupils into prep rooms). Access might be permitted if the pupil is adequately supervised at all times. We consider that this would be very difficult to achieve in most prep rooms.

    Work Experience Students
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  3. Thanks, I thought that it had been discussed on here but couldn't find it.
  4. We did this in my last school - it was fine, we just had a few rules i.e. they weren't allowed in the chemical store or to be in the prep room alone, we didn't allow them to make chemicals or anything potentially hazardous. You can let them take a req and prepare a tray for a practical (physics ones are generally low hazard), fill the distilled water, sharpen the pencils, water the plants - our approach was that some of the jobs a technician has to do are dull but it is all part of the job... I seem to remember a risk assessment was provided and signed by the work experience coordinator.
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    It;s up to you really. If you are happy to have them and have the appropriate risk assessment in place then I don't see why not. However if, like me, you just don't really want the responsibility (or hassle) then just say no, I haven't worked in a school yet that has insisted I take them when I said no on health and safety grounds.
  6. I've had them before, HoD did a risk assessment. I would say the downside was all I could offer him were quite boring jobs so spent a lot of time apologising saying "its not usually quite as tedious as this".
  7. Oh dear this is not Work Experience.Work Experience should be an opportunity for students to find out doing a particlar job involves and should also equip them with new skills.:)
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    Exactly, so coming into the prep room to basically wash up and carry stuff isnt a good example of work experience for a student. It's boring for the students and I don't think it's fair to just distribute them around the school, they deserve a better experience IMO.
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  9. Exactly why I won't have any.
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  10. I completely agree I have never allowed Work experience students to wash up, carry stuff, sharpen pencils, fold paper, photocopy, etc. When they come to me they get the real deal and have always said how much they have learned and the skills developed. It's actually extremely rewarding to see the transformation in them after they have completed their Work experience. :)The activities were:
  11. Just to let you all know, I have agreed to take the student. I agree with George (!!) in that they will get actual work experience and I will try to teach him some technical skills that may or may not interest him. He will of course get some repetitive and menial tasks (to teach him that no job is exciting and interesting all the time). The decider for me was thinking if I'm not here for the kids, what am I here for? (It's not for the money or the scintillating conversation ;)). I know it will be a lot of work H&S wise (& GDPR is giving me a headache) but it's only for 2 days, and luckily it's the 2 days in the week when both of us technicians are in. I am making sure the RA that myself, HOD and the careers adviser are working on will be OK'd and signed off by our H&S manager or headteacher just to cover ourselves.

    Thanks everyone.
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  12. Well done you! Let's all do away with the sharpening pencils activity.:);)
  13. they are disposable along with pens and rulers.o_O
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  14. Only kids in detention should be made to sharpen pencils :rolleyes:
  15. I'm afraid to say, rather disappointedly, that I've heard that the pencil sharpening, tidying cupboards, photocopying activities are still used by some in Work Experience programmes. I don't think that this will tick the boxes set by Employers.:)
  16. Well Helen it's not very often that you agree with me but I'm glad that you have done on this occasion. Have you devised your programme for your Work Experience student? Would love to hear what the planned activities are.:);)
  17. I brought in a ban on all students due to the prep rooms being a "danger area"
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  18. Hmmm, we tried. We sorted out some work in advance that we could teach them etc.
    Depends who you get & if they want to do it or are placed with you because they can't get anywhere else.
    Ones we had said on day one, 'don't wanna do it, science is boring'. Despite trying to chivvy them along & get them interested they wouldn't do a thing & didn't even turn up the next day.
    Ungrateful little ****
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  19. This is why we don't do it, though they only do it in yr 12 here now.
  20. Very convenient Jburns - it's a very old, but established Tech Trick.
    Language Jaytee!:D:D:D
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