Wiring a plug - making them safe in class

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  1. Making 3-pin plugs unusable so that kids cannot plug them in once wired usually involves trying to bend the earth pin. I have used a 5mm diameter drill and pop-rivet like this... IMG_20191112_092245.jpg
    You could do all three pins if you want belt and braces. They can't be loosened like little bolts and nuts and they stop the pins from falling out and getting lost.
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  2. it's off-piste as far as the cleapss model RA goes though.
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    I saw off the pins leaving about 5mm sticking out then glue and screw them on to a piece of wood drilled to take the pin stumps
  4. That's because CLEAPSS specifically suggest that we do that.

    See info in GL268 Wiring mains plug by pupils
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    When Steve Jones came here from CLEAPSS he said that even though we had rivets in our earth pins we had to bend them. If CLEAPSS are your H&S advisers this leaves you no choice, you bend the earth pins.
  6. Don't forget to glue all the pins in place, as per Summer 2019 bulletin. I did see a more detailed CLEAPSS instruction document but can't find it at the moment.
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  8. Just found it.
    It appears I'd somehow missed this bulletin so wasn't aware of the gluing. I've got this lesson going out on Wednesday so top of tomorrows job list now is gluing the pins in place. What fun! :rolleyes:
  9. Ooh yes, such fun. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but it's still about an hour of my life I won't get back ;).
  10. Ok - all good points here - I will rivet them, glue them, bend them, saw them off, mount them on boards and finally encase them in concrete - tee hee! Seriously though, I'll go back and glue and bend as per CLEAPSS recommendation - ho-hum! Thanks folks.
  11. Did anyone else have issues bending them? About 1 in every 5 just snapped when I did it, but they are very cheap plugs.
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    they only need bending to about 30 degrees, much more and they will snap. The brass has been work hardened during the manufacturing process.
  13. Dod


    You might be bending a bit too far or as you say 'orrible plugs
  14. I snapped one or two at first, but then found that if I took the earth pin out and put it in a vice, bent it a bit, then raised it half a centimeter before finishing the bend, the stress is spread over a larger area and it's less likely to snap. We have cheap plugs too! Hadn't seen the gluing notice though, need to sort that by the look of things.
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  15. Good tip for next time. I did try bending one outside of the plug then realised it wouldn't go back in. I didn't have the ideal blocks for holding the plug in place either so had to bend closer to the end than in CLEAPSS' guidance.