Who's managing to work then?

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  1. Thanks to the power of BBC iPlayer I've finally managed to get on to check work emails (mainly telling me the site is closed and inviting me to read the Head's blog). Haven't got a huge amount of stuff with me but hoping to get on with a bit of it now and a bit after lunch. Did a quick audit of the prep room for PAT testing yesterday so am going to write that up neatly and brought the experiment sheets and cards home to reorganise.

    Who else is balancing homeschooling with work?
  2. Will be going through daughter's homework with her tonight. Unless I return to an utter bloodbath - she's just at _that_ age.
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  3. karen b

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    Managed to do about half a day today going through the year 7 folder, scheme of work and Lablogger templates.

    Son is in year 13 so it has been difficult motivating him to do much. I plan to crack down a bit tomorrow
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  4. I am still at work but large numbers of people are putting pressure on government to shut schools so may only be a matter of time. I'm in Australia
  5. Clarified advice here seems to distill down to "If you cannot work from home and can maintain social distancing at work, you should go to work". This evades the question of maintaining social distancing on your route to work, which many in urban areas cannot manage, but is better than what went before.
  6. I'm still at work but from now will only be coming in if I have use of the car so keeping off public transport, phew!
  7. Been so busy, maily helping children who can't log on to activeteach, logon science etc

    I have photos of the stock rooms, and will use them for a stock check.
  8. Well for me I'm working from home, trying to home school 4 kids as well as making templates on Lablogger for the 10 folders of practicals (big lever arch type) that I inherited from my predecessor, many of them are handwritten. I think its harder work than I would normally have when school is open.
  9. Feeling that way today. Can't settle to do anything. Don't feel like there's any routine (even though there is as that's one thing our kids prefer). I feel like an overloaded web browser with lots of tabs open and nothing finalised.
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    That sounds like a plan. Our school is opening a 6th form next academic year and, given the current stuff going down, it is going to be challenging to say the least. Possibly a full Lablogger folder of resources that they can pull up will help things on their way. Nice one ScienceDad, good call!
  11. I went in yesterday as i was on the rota to supervise the students. Only four came in so I went home. I'm using my time to update lablogger with templates for all schemes of work. Linking the correct hazcard, supplementary ra's and any links to rsc etc. Potentially could have three new science teachers from September and I think it will make it easier for everyone.
  12. I think it would take me years to add all the templates onto Lablogger if I wasn't using this time work from home. I've been using Lablogger since November and I only had a handful of ones on and they were ones that I was going as I had a request for that practical. So I'm trying to see the silver lining of the quarantine period.
  13. I can't see the attraction of Lablogger, all the teachers who have moved to schools with it, hate it.
  14. I have to admit that I have mixed views of it Paul. I did have a system that all practicls were placed in outlook. I was able to precit with a high degree of accuracy what Lecturers would be doing based on the practicals done over a period of years and their SoW. Anyway Paul what are you up to at the moment?:)
  15. Me i'm busy remote working. There does seem to be more work when at home though, but that might calm down.
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  16. Lucky you!:)
  17. We've been sent a list of tasks to do which makes me laugh as I'm pretty efficient when it comes to paperwork and most of it are things I've already done.
    Moving files from one place in the drive to another! And writing RA's for practicals that already have them. Not to mention that it's the teachers job to write RA's for classroom practicals. It's my job to RA all Tech tasks and collate them (this is already done).
    I get the feeling they're just trying to make sure we're not sitting at home, enjoying the sunshine :rolleyes: