Whoops ...forgot to get the hearts out

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  1. Forgot to get 10 hearts out of freezer for 10am today. Has anyone defrosted them in a microwave before?
  2. put them in warm water for a bit
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  3. We put them in a bowl and run cold water into them continuously - usually takes about 20mins to defrost
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  4. Techitude

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    As CovTech says, just run them under the tap for as long as you can before the lesson. They do defrost fairly quickly normally.
  5. Thanks …..
  6. warm water works for me.....
  7. I normally do 30-40 mins in cold water, then add them to warm water. The warm water is mainly because I hate handling cold meat
  8. Nick Mitchener

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    When I worked in a butchers as a lad we would defrost by running things under the tap. This time of year it should be quite effective.
  9. Shannon

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    When I used to get the bus to work, I would find a bowl of boiling water would be quick enough to work and then run them down like 2 mins before the lesson started, teachers used to be okay buy this. And not doing the over night trick as I almost threw up last time
  10. Great advice all thanks ...all defrosted easily
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