Who is still in work?

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  1. Yes make it your own Ophelia. Mine is arranged Alphabetically and I could go in there blindfolded (not reommended folks) and get the chemical I wanted. I'm afraid I'm not a fan of cleaning since my Pixies left me to clean and do the washing up for another Technician.:D:D:D
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  2. Yes, I think this is the perfect job for me!
  3. I’ve pretty much been told I can do what I like! The stock take is a big job though, so hopefully I’ll finish it before September o_O
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  4. Yes, tell me about it Ophelia - I just completed my stock take yesterday after washing, drying and folding 90 lab coats. All my entries are placed in a Spread Sheet and linked to an Access Database.:)
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  5. Same here too.
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  6. Great minds think alike Happy days!:D
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  7. :D
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  8. Take care if you're on your own Ophelia, might be a job best done when others are around.
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  9. Thanks for the advice Hands :) I am on my own today so I won’t be touching any of the concentrated acids, poisons etc.
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  10. That's very good advive from Hands Solo @Hands Solo Ophelia. I never do anything dangerous when on my own as it's so easy to be overcome with fumes etc. For that reason I asked for a telephone to be installed in the Prep Room as it would be my only way of getting help quickly.:)
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  11. Nick Mitchener

    Nick Mitchener COMMITTEE

    Not convinced a telephone means you can work alone though, we have one in each preproom as we need to be able to take calls, talk to suppliers etc, I don't see it as a safety feature.
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  12. I know I shouldn’t say this because I’m moaning again, but I’m shocked at the state of the chemical store. The stock control is really poor :(
  13. Well then I'm on my own most of term time.
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  14. Dod


    Back in the saddle with me shoulder on the grindstone and nose in the wheel and rarin' to go
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  15. Karen O

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    Last day today, 2.30 finish and all I have left to do is a bit of copying, sweep and mop the prep room. Can't wait. Back in on the 29th and 30th to put orders away and try and give myself a heads start before the chaos commences.:D
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  16. Anyone in this week? I’ve been in all week and last week too. It’s been quiet and I’ve made good progress in sorting out the chemical store and doing a full stock check. Yesterday I finally managed to separate the flammable solids from the flammable liquids, so I feel a lot better now!
  17. Hi ophelia. I've been on holiday for the past 3 weeks. Came in today to hear the great news that 2 of our students have got in to do Medicine at Oxford and Cambridge and all the rest destined for Russell Group Uni's. Congrats on your Stock check. may I suggest that you enter the location of your Chemicals if you have external vaults in addition to your main Chemical Store.:D:)
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  18. That’s great George! Our results were pretty good.

    We don’t have an external store, not that I’m aware of anyway!
  19. I have been in a few days this week. Cracked on with defrosting, cleaning and sorting out the fridges, wishing I had done this a few weeks ago when it was sweltering!!
    Started the chemical stock take today - doing General organics and organics as in labs on my own. as always forgotten how time consuming this is!