Who is still in work?

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  1. There has been quite a few posts for those who have finished for the Summer. I thought I would start a post for those who are still in over the Summer.
    I for one will still be working and will still be keeping an eye on this site.
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  2. Into the 3rd week of the holidays already. I am going to need to take some time off to get away from the endless tedious tasks.
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  3. Me, I've a few more ''holiday hours to do then i'm done
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  4. Are there endless tedious tasks Allan? I thought that you enjoyed the PAT Testing aspect of the job.:)
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  5. Already checked most of the chemistry kits but I cant avoid the rebuilding of PCs, PAT gives some relief from it!
  6. I'm in until 20th August. It's good to know I'm not alone. I will also keep one eye on preproom.org :)
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  7. Paul Murphy

    Paul Murphy COMMITTEE

    First day of the hols and I'm in for the next three weeks, then off for three, two of which will be in Cyprus.
  8. I'm still here, finish for the hols in about 30 mins (not that I'm counting, LOL). Just checking that those naughty teachers have switched everything off, in their haste to get away on Fri lunchtime, and trying to make sure the plants survive the next 6 weeks.
    Have a great holiday everyone.
  9. Kids break up tomorrow afternoon then 2 more days after for me! Not looking forward to being in during the 36 degrees weather though :oops:
  10. Here until 2pm Thurs - mother in law arrives at 2.20 Thurs! No rest for the wicked eh?! ;)
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  11. I'm doing the first of my two weeks. Yesterday was microscope maintenance, today I will be following the P.A.T bloke around putting things away when he's done, defrost & clean fridge & freezer, then maybe get round to making up various concs of HCL.
  12. I’m in for a few weeks. We’ve got a summer school so have said I’ll be in to help out with that.
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  13. I am in for one of my holiday days today - need to make up 10 days worth during the year.
    Finished off cleaning goggles/specs that didn't get chance to do last week and have started on the bunsen burners.
    Got radio cranked up and quite enjoying myself!!!
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  14. You'd need a radio to get you through those tedious tasks Lisa. Hope that you have a wonderful break.:);)
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  15. I'm in until 13th August.
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  16. That is also known as Left Handers Day
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  17. greenfingers

    greenfingers Sarah G

    52 weeks so only have 8 days left to take nice and quiet though
  18. :)
  19. Nick Mitchener

    Nick Mitchener COMMITTEE

    I'm on holiday but brought work home. Will be repairing some kit the 6th form trashed and redesigning it to make it more student proof. Was going to work in conservatory but too damn hot at the mo.
  20. Yippeeee for the air on in one of labs. It's on full blast at the moment so that's where I will be sat most of the day updating inventories etc. The air con is normally a pain as some of our degree accomplished teachers haven't worked out not to open the windows to make it work faster!!!!