Which Union Have You Joined ??

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Which Union are you currently a member of

  1. National Education Union (NEU)

    6 vote(s)
  2. Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL)

    0 vote(s)
  3. Education Institute of Scotland (EIS)

    0 vote(s)
  4. National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)

    0 vote(s)
  5. National Association of Schoolmasters (NASUWT)

    0 vote(s)
  6. Unison

    19 vote(s)
  7. Other Union

    6 vote(s)
  8. Not a Union Member

    24 vote(s)
  1. NTG


    As part of the work for the group "Steering Group for Technicians in Education", we would like to gauge which Unions technicians are currently members of.

    If you could spare a second to answer the Poll.

    Many thanks
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  2. other union - Unite
  3. One of my technician colleagues, who isn't on this forum, is a member of GMB
  4. NTG


    Thanks - I am noting the "Others" but did not want the list to get too long so chose the main ones I have seen on the forums so far. Perhaps encourage your colleague to get onto Preproom.org ?
  5. When you say "Steering Group for Technicians in Education" are you going to include University Technicians? They too are working in Education.:)
  6. NTG


    Don't see why not. Not sure how many are on this forum though...…. Have a look at the projects we are trying to coordinate - would appreciate any help. I included learned institutions on the Professional Standards, Qualifications & Recognition project as well as the National Technician Development Centre - which appears to be solely focussed on Higher Education and Industry. Definitely in the 'shaping' phase of the overall projects and all ideas are very welcome.
  7. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    I thought that HE technicians had their own "body" with National technicians' development centre?
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  8. They do, but it is also in its infancy and we can learn from one another as we develop (although we won't have a university behind us with all the funding that that brings).
  9. Not a union member, but joined ASE. Costs less and has some relevant benefits and training options.
  10. Seems strange you chose a Head Teachers and a Schoolmasters union over GMB.
  11. and these are teachers only.
    1. Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL
    2. National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT)
    3. National Association of Schoolmasters (NASUWT)
  12. NTG


    Did not particularly CHOOSE any one over anyone else......took the list from TES website and added those that I have seen mentioned on the forums.

    If it helps, I will set up a new one in a (vain, I know, as people are instantly offended by the slightest thing these days rather than actually getting involved and doing something about it !!) new survey...….
  13. Well Julie it's been a couple of weeks now since the Technician Steering Group was formed. Do you feel that any progress has formed from the useful (hopefully) discussions that have been held?:);)
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  14. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    Yes definitely George, the discussions on here have been invaluable and have given us much to ponder and work on. To coin a phrase " we are working behind the scenes" using all of the peoples' views, issues and suggestions to come up with some substantive ways in which we can invoke a change in our collective roles. We are very grateful that people have taken the time to either fill in a survey or provide meaningful input.
  15. Well I'm glad it has been of some use but the fruits of it have yet to materialise. However I hope some good will come out of it. THE ASE have celebrities like Simon Quinnell who does an excellent job in promoting and highlighting the role of Science Technicians.:);)
  16. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    We folks of the steering group realise that this is not a quick job and we are happy to take our time to ensure that we do our utmost to achieve a positive result. There is no point going in half cocked and hoping it will work. The more we put in, the greater the chance of success. We appreciate that we are in it for long haul and not expecting to achieve an instant result. We also appreciate that many folks are sceptical that we will achieve anything from this, but, as they say Fortis Fortuna Aduviat, and this is why we are giving it our best shot.
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  17. I'm not in an union but i would like to join but it is a mine field trying to choose one.
  18. I joined Unison, years ago now, one of the reasons for choosing them at the time was because there was a rep in the school I worked in. This can be useful if you have an issue as they are familiar with the staff and procedures, even the layout of the building. I have found it handy over the years to be able to have a quick chat with a rep, to get clarification or advice on a matter.
    Ask around where you work, or check the staff room notice boards and see which unions seem to be active where you work.
  19. No need to throw your toys out of the pram, I wasn't offended just surprised. In light of the discussions re an association to represent technicians, in which you're playing a big part, to have a poll which includes at least 2 unions that don't represent support staff let alone technicians, I find pretty odd.

    As far as doing something about it, I'm really not bothered as I feel it's p1$$ing into the wind.
  20. Julie Delaney

    Julie Delaney COMMITTEE

    it's a bit of a shame, that you could not find it I you to be a little more supportive of your fellow technicians who are trying their best to try and make things better for us.