What's The strangest Request From A Teacher?

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  1. Just be asked to remove a wasp from a lesson.
  2. 1 <3 Daphnia

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    I had to remove a bee once which climb inside a students sock on the way into school. Was as a first aider though as it also stung said student.
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  3. I was asked to do this last week! the drama created by 1 small wasp was ridiculous!
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  4. I was once contacted by our Receptionist to collect a dead mouse which had apparently been found in one of the shoes of one of the pupils who had apparently walked to school with it in her shoe!!!! Not sure that I believed it but the receptionist seemed to think it was genuine and the girl had been in a right state when she found it.
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    I got summoned by the head teacher once because there was a squirrel in her private toilet and she wanted me to get rid of it as she knew I was good with animals!

    I also once got asked for primordial soup.
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    How about ".....can you remove the smell from the room after a light fitting burnt out....." I just walked away after commenting that , as a physicist, the teacher would understand diffusion.........
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  7. If someone asks me to remove a wasp I'm out of there. I'm allergic and am not going to risk being stung.
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  9. Come and smell my room and see what you can do about it.

  10. I'm allergic to wasp stings & they seem to love me ( make a bee line for me perhaps?:rolleyes:) so they'd be out of luck asking me.
  11. Lol yes, mice were a big issue a few years ago. I used to set humane traps then take them down to the forest.
  12. I recently had to get a BIG spider off of the ceiling in the corridor, the students were really interested in it but it was 'interrupting their learning'. Staff were freaking out, squealing like big girls. They were telling me to kill it!!! I refused but said they were welcome to use my ladder if they were brave enough. Oh......they weren't. I got it in a beaker and set it free outside. It wasn't a tarantula
  13. Had a budgie in one of the management offices a couple of months back. Had to go armed with a net.
    Birds in the chem store, old chem tech was terrified & called me. ( for some reason)
    Crickets released in the youth centre...there were a LOT!
    Caught 2 Rats in corridor & 1 in a bin under the bag. ( that was fun)
    Had teacher screaming from a class about a large Rat ( it was hhuuuuugggge) running around the class.
    The kids & teacher were all up on the desks when I got there. Rat was scrambling around among glassware then found gap at back of an open shelf unit. Yuuuuk.
    Apart from that it's usually searching for source of smells. It should be on Person Requirement list for techs; keen sense of smell.
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  15. "Whats next in the scheme of work?"
  16. All the photosynthesis practicals in winter.
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    We had bats in a glass bin. Sadly they did not make it, I think they had got dehydated, after all not a lot of insects to be found flying around the lab at night.
  18. currently chicken bones for the RSC polymers workshop.
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    This one is new to me.....and priceless !!! Got asked for a large slab of ice to show how a steel wire can cut through due to pressure melting and then re-freezing afterwards. Nice experiment. Minimum size required is about the of a Gratnell tray.

    Too big for my freezer and would have to remove everything in it I said.

    Surely it will fit on an angle ???

    Just go away and think it through, then see me on Monday (for detention !!!!)

    That has actually cheered me up. And it's almost WEEKEND !!!!!
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  20. Awwwww.