What is the stupidest thing a student has done or said...

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  1. I've been to have new hearing aids fitted this morning. Told all the Physics teachers to book early because I probably wouldnt be in school before midday.
    Teacher walks into my preproom at 16:45 yesterday and expresses surprise that I'm still there (I work til 17:00) Ten mins later walks back in and starts booking apparatus for 09:00 today. Really??? Fortunately equipment is still on a trolley from earlier otherwise there would have been blood split...
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  2. This is the opposite end of the spectrum.

    Yesterday, we had a whole day in a non-science (no labs) centre promoting our science courses to secondary school students. Many were of the finger-up-nose, bored witless and letting you know it variety but there were a few bright sparks.

    We were running a session on microbiology, lying through our teeth about what was going on because we clearly couldn't do _real_ microbiology. At one point, the class was told about aseptic technique, autoclaving and the importance of keeping things sterile. They were then asked what other procedures you could use to prevent the ingress of "harmful" bacteria.

    The lecturer was clearly expecting responses along the lines of antiseptic and disinfectant.

    One student, who had been very engaged with the session up to then, put her hand up and said "Phages." Cue jaws hitting the floor.

    For those who don't know, phages are simple viruses that only prey on bacteria. The Soviet Union was conducting research on using them instead of antibiotics - we might be needing to revisit that soon.
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  3. Star trek has phages and they like killed people and stuffs :p
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  4. Phazers! 8- )
  5. Now be fair, they just did the vivisection - it was the organ failure that killed people :rolleyes:
  6. That is true, silly organs and failing. At least the pianos haven't failed :D
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  7. The Range is 30 years old today, and they have opened a brand new superstore here in Plymouth. Chris Dawson is a local man! :) Off topic, I know, but an interesting fact I thought!!!!!
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  8. Which school do you frequent down in Plymouth? Its where I went to uni and where half my family is from :D
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  9. Plymstock School :)
  10. me too. :D
  11. A year 11 was shocked to discover that a Pigeon was a bird ...... hey ho only 4 months until the GCSE's.
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  12. Yr12 "so wait the earth has two poles with ice caps"
  13. Cool, I have a few mates that went there :D

    How long ago and what did you study?
  14. Students taking temperature of ice every 15 seconds - at start one was heard to shout out "Hurry up, it's going to be 15 seconds in a minute!"
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  15. What did they think it might be?
  16. Delicious flambeed in red and served with dauphinoise potato?
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  17. Dod


    On a similar theme we had one who knew that milk came from bottles.
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  18. sounds more like a kid that would expect it in a bun with fries!