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    Was looking at the risk assessment for a practical and noticed that Lead (II) Nitrate solution has 2 hazard classifications - Serious health hazard CMR - (which I understand to be Carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic) and serious health hazard RE - does anyone know what the RE stands for, it's probably obvious but I can't figure it out?
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  2. I believe RE refers to Repeated Exposure - Hope that helps
  3. Explains why RE lessons should have a hazard warning on them too
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  4. Thank you - thought I might be something simple but would have bothered me for ages not being sure.
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  5. it's because Lead is a cumulative poison and so will build up in your body.
  6. You are also more likely to dose yourself with tiny, repeated samples of the substance from the dust from handling solids than with the same of solutions.