What a start to a morning...

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  1. Get the kids up, get them into the van. Window/Door replacement guys turn up..."OK, guys. Phone cable runs through the door frame, sat. broadband through the upper left window frame, apart from that, go to town"

    Drive the kids 8 miles to school, drop them off...as I'm walking back to the van, daughter runs up..."Dad! I'm planting trees today!".."OK..so...there's a "but" coming..?"..."I need my wellies and rough clothes..".."...which are in Shrewsbury, you doof. Right. Argh. Hang on, hang on...yes. Right. Keys, van, boot, "activity box" - grab your packaway waterproofs out of there."...

    "What about my wellies?"..."I'm thinking."...*phone out, call their mum (3 minutes away).."Our daughter needs wellies. Yes, I know. I'm sorry to get you up, can I swing by and grab your set? Cheers."

    Do that, drop it back at school. Got parents evening appointments. Jump back in the van.."Anti-theft malfunction"..won't start. Turn it off, give it a minute, it starts. Go to work.

    I have to leave at one to take daughter to the doc, then back to school for us both as well...

    What. A. Day.. :D
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  2. Thank God for Vans, I used to drive a 7seat VW transporter, everything inc the kitchen sink (well a washing up bowl) neatly stored away.
    Hope your day improves.
  3. Breathe..................:):):)
  4. This is a 14 plate Berlingo Multispace. STUPID amounts of storage in it...I'm forever searching for things. I LOVE the sliding doors...so much easier. £30 tax and 88mpg is nice as well..heh.