What a lot of waste...

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    Two things...

    Is there a way as science techs, we can help reduce the amount of plastics we use/throw away.. main one that bugs me is that catalogues which come in plastic covers.. augh. Annoying!

    Also... cheap/good/reliable waste collectors ... who are mainly based in East Anglia.. also a simple way of saying what we have... as it could take ages to fill the form out *yawn*

  2. Our waste bins for the school are divided so recycling has become the norm.
    The council send different lorries for different waste (Plastics, glass, waste paper/cardboard and general waste.)
  3. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    We have two bins... general waste and recycled

    Also the waste part was more aimed at chemicals.. should of said whoops *face palm*
  4. My school used to have waste paper bins in all rooms this is something that has now stopped??
    Since we have lined and graph paper in the labs I have taken it upon myself to be responsible for topping these up. otherwise more would be used then necessary. All I do is put a little bit out at a time.
    I have given up getting more plain paper for the printer as for some reason we are going through a lot. about 1000-1500 sheets a week??!?!. Since I do not use the printer that often I do not see why I should have to top it up.
    Glue sticks - I am planning on getting my lot to do less 'sticking in' after all a glue stick is in effect a single use plastic as well as a waste of money
    plastic bendy straws - we use these to make a cartesian diver. It occurred to me that the whole straw is not used and thrown away. I have know got my teachers to make sure the waste bit is saved. I have also found a use for these bits; they can be used as reeds.
  5. If you have all your chemicals in an Excel spreadsheet for example then all you need to do is make a new sheet and transfer any chemicals you want to dispose of into it. You can then attach this with the companies form either electronically or send a hard copy. Still takes a bit of time but quicker than writing or typing it all out. It's worth having a separate sheet of all the chemicals to be disposed of anyway in whatever format you use for stocktaking purposes..