Well time to point and laugh, I am off to the corner to sit in shame!

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Did you laugh at my silliness?

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  3. I just fell off my chair over this!

  1. Well this is the second time in as many weeks where I have gone to get the Potassium Iodide out of the chemical cupboard but I haven't been able to find it.

    Why cant I find it, I hear you all ask, well it could be because I am looking under K for it rather than P! I think I need to put a little note on my chemical store door in big red letters that potassium starts with a P!
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  2. So pleased I am not the only one .....
  3. I'm thinking of moving potassium to K...
  4. Christine Broadbent

    Christine Broadbent magic maiden

    I do the same with Iron compounds and Fe!!
  5. I am glad I am not the only one that does this :D
  6. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    My photo makes me laugh!

    I have another one too!
  7. At least you remembered why you had gone into the cupboard! I have lost count of the number of times I have had to retrace my steps to remember where I was going and what for.o_O
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  8. Done it before, but my assistant is the king of mis-filing things. It's quite normal for me to walk in there and staff to hear "It's right...oh..it SHOULD be right here. Where the fsck is it now...hang on, numpty boll...s has been in here..AHA! Here it is, wrong side, wrong shelf. Figures..."
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  9. I used to stand in the Physics cupboard and say "If I were a [....] where would I be?" it seemed to work. ;)
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  10. Too scared to stand in a cupboard or near a shelf in physics the teacher's piles of c##p are so high despite my efforts its becoming a health and safety issue
  11. I would bin their stuff. I might give them a warning first.
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  12. My usual 'kick myself' moment is silently swearing at the idiot who has stained/impossible to scrub off the inside of a glass container, only to realise it's the outside that's mucky...
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