Well that is a stupid question to ask!

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  1. So to day I was asked by my HoD for some diluted HCl as I had given her 1 molar and she asked me to double check this was diluted.

    So the stupidest thing you have been asked!
  2. Dod


    How do you open a can of worms?

    You have done it :D
  3. Just, been asked what the tolerance of our 5ohm 11watt resistors is? Answer 5%, but they have been overheated so many times they could read anything.
    Yesterday, asked to source some electrolytic capacitors that expolde when they are connected wrongly (elecrolytics dont like being reversed, some go fizz, some go bang and some just sit and sulk)... I can just imagine asking a supplier that!!!
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  4. :D:D:D:D
  5. Silly question from a teacher.

    Them: Can you cut me a piece of chromatography paper... it needs to be 20cm by 5cm.
    Us: We only have 15cm by 5cm, so that's impossible.
    Them: Yes, but if you can just cut me a piece of 20cm by 5cm....
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  6. I could post you one that made a nice spiral shape as it went pop!
  7. Shannon

    Shannon Shannon

    Prep sheet:

    DEMO: Chicken poo in conical flask with bung & thermometer.

    So... I place it together, get moaned at as the teacher wanted to build it...
  8. In the life I had before this one, I was a university science technician. Our students used to come and ask "can I have a resistor please?". 9 times out of 10 they would go away happy with any resistor value chosen at random, but come back a week later and say "you gave me the wrong resistor!"
  9. *teacher is doing an eye dissection*

    "It's not working!"

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  10. Teachers are always asking me:
    'Can I have that thing that I had last to show that stuff?'

    Its scary that I know exactly what they are after
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  11. Dod


    In Techie dept they know better than ask me for a bit of wood IMG_20171115_091424.jpg
    with the supplementary question plywood,hardboard, chipboard, mdf, pine, redwood, beech, mahogany, oak, walnut and if they answer correctly then I hit them with measurement required. Makes them go away every time. :)
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  12. brilliant :D
  13. When they ask for 'etc' we give them this... 20171115_113012_resized.jpg
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  14. Dod


    Like your like mind :D
  15. I have a box of "pinholes" for the pinhole camera experiment (obviously marked TOXIC)
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  16. Dod


    Pupil today "can you get my finger out of this hole?" - - - - a circle template
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  17. I prescribe amputation!
  18. Dod


    Was our first thought but didn't want to wipe up the blood ,still we were glad it was not another part of his anatomy then he would be on his own. :)
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