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    Hi all!

    I just wanted some advice on a few wedding related things!

    - We are getting married in 2021 (August as easier for us both) But I work an additional week which I do then, but we are getting married 2nd week of August and my school is often shut the 1st week but obs I will be in wedding mode. How would I address this to HR and Site team? As I know some holidays the school is shut (no staff allowed) and we are planing to almost going honeymoon a few days later too.

    - Have you got married and did you invite the staff? I have 6 and planning on inviting them but not sure what do to about parnters? Any idea/?
  2. I got married in the October half term this year, but as I had just swapped schools I didn't invite anyone from work. But I wasn't going to be inviting anyone from my old work mainly as we had run out of invite space. The issue with inviting people you work with is you have to open it to the whole department and possibly a wider circle or some people will take offence about not being invited. Also if you do invite them it is best to invite partners too. Would you want to go to a wedding without your other half?

    Work wise, do you have to make up this time on that week or you able to come in on the last week of the summer holiday or make up that time else where within the school year?

    Oh and food wise get a hog roast. IT IS AMAZING!
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  3. I have to admit, when I got married, I didn't invite any work colleagues but then again we did have a fairly small affair. If I had, I would probably only have invited them to the evening do. I tend to keep my close friends and work 'friends' separate. However, some ex colleagues have become quite close friends since. Whatever, it's up to you - it's your day and I would go straight to HR and tell them when you're getting married and they'll just have to work around it. Any decent employer would understand it's one of the most important times of your life.
    Good luck and don't stress! :);)
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    We have space in the evening and I know the HOD wife as she used to work here, we both work with 6 people so were going to ask that six as I don't really mix with anyone else and its a tight budget wedding.

    Work hours, I suppose I could ask and work out to do that extra week during term time and I know I can use the hours from Open even which is almost a day? Last week of hols might be tricky as not sure what we are doing for honeymoon or how long :/ Also depends on partner school (as hes IT and full time) and that's when they often do 'big work' but I know he would he happy working up to the wedding (maybe with the day before off)

    I might speak to HR in September as its the following school year and see what they suggest?
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    We are doing a two course meal as its a cheap option and our venue does it during the week (much cheaper) and they have roast beef... so exicted...

    I wanna somehow mix our jobs a little into the day as we both them loads? Might get a conical flask and Computer make for the cake haha
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  6. I'm getting married next year in October and am planning on including 2L Conical flaskes as the vases in the centerpieces. Both my and my partner work in science and wanted little nods to our professions. Most wedding organisers we have spoke with think it is a great idea.
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    I lOVE that idea! Just I am worried about flowers as suffer with bad hyfever
  8. I didn't know the meaning of true happiness until I got married, but by then it was too late!:eek:
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  9. You could ask your florist if there are any flowers that have very low levels of pollen, or roses that are tightly bloomed as the pollen can't get out.
    Or go down the fake route, some of them are quite good now
  10. Do the centrepieces have to be real?
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    Yeah, might go and speak to some florist this August to see whats around and low pollen
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    Not really, but we are having a slight musical theme too (tables named after musicals)
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  13. You making your own cakes or having them made for you? We had 3 tiers and a vegan & paleo friendly cake too. I have to say that one was a bitch to make but it was fun.
  14. I suffer with it too but it's the grass pollen that gets me. I always thought most hayfever was caused by either tree or grass pollen as it's very fine and the flowers are pollinated by wind whereas flowers as we think of them tend to be insect pollinated and have huge pollen (in comparison to wind-carried pollen). I'm happy to be proven wrong though! :)
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    Not fully sure, as my SIL said she would make it, then moved abroad then said no, then I said something recently and she said yes.. mum is going to find out for me as soo confused :?

    There is someone who makes cakes on site, they are really nice
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    Grass and flowers are the worst... I cant sit on the grass bare legged as a I have a reaction
  17. Rather than real flowers you could use flowers made from books :D My wife did it for her bouquet
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  18. Congratulations Shannon how exciting! You sound very organised!
    I'm getting married mid week in August this year. I have to extra work in the summer too but I've been so busy that I've nearly made the time up already! Definitely have a word with HR and see they can be more flexible for you :)
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  19. As far as time off goes i'm sure you'd be able to make up the time elsewhere. As for colleagues, I invited the science dept and a couple of others from around the school, to the evening reception without partners. It's really up to you, i'm sure no one would really mind whatever you decided to do.
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  20. I'm sure with enough notice you can move your work around a bit. its in summer its not like lessons are happening. they probably wont mind, just have a chat find out, its a one off event.
    When I got married I didn't invite any staff but I didn't have the awesome team im in now, I think the relations ships you have with people are the defining factor. don't invite people because you feel you should but because you want to. If you have the ability to invite partners that is wonderful but if you dont just have a chat with them when you give them the invite and say you wish you could but your really tight on space, most people are understanding of this as its your wedding and they are not cheap. (there are exceptions - but they tend to be family who think they deserve to invite their friends!)
    conical flasks are a brill way to get a small nod in and If hes IT you could get some colored cables to add to the flowers instead of some foliage :) - its also amazing what they can do with cakes - we had triforce symbol on ours along side the butterfly's and dragons.
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