Water to use for autoclave?

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  1. Hi, I have just received a new Rodwell autoclave. The manual says not to use distilled, water softened by salts, reverse osmosis or de-ionised water, nor hard water. Our water is very hard here what options do I have? Could I just descale regularly or would hard water damage other parts?

  2. Maybe it's just me but the manual seems to be saying no water... :confused:
    I thought distilled was the default option for autoclaves to prevent limescale and corrosion of the metal inside.
  3. Was just reading the manual and after that section it mentions 'A water treatment device can be supplied and fitted by Rodwell Scientific Instruments' how convenient, I would just use distilled water personally.
  4. Distilled or deionised. If your tapwater is hard, you will get scale, causing problems with seals. If it is soft, you will get corrosion of the vessel due to traces of copper. The Rodwell manual makes no sense. Unless, of course, Rodwell sells special autoclaving water.....
  5. is it stainless steel?
  6. I believe so
  7. Pretty sure the kitchen tech just put softened water from the tap in the £15,500.00 rodwell when i was in a proper lab.
  8. Just phoned Rodwell. The engineer said it was perfectly fine to use distilled or hard water!