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  1. We've had View from the Prep Room so what about View of the Prep Room? Do you like the layout of your Prep Room or would you like to make changes?:);)
  2. I love my prep room. It is nice and spacious. For only me, it is spot on, and organized to within an inch of it's life!

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  3. Mine is absolutely tiny with really poor storage. If I'm looking for positives I suppose the fact that the chem store in separate and has good ventilation but thats all I have for positives.

    Though we have just been told that we will be getting a new build so at least there is a shiny new prep room in my future! Maybe even with a fume cupboard!
  4. Wow Joules TC that hat is fantastic! I'm glad that you are well satisfied with it. Here is some views of my Prep Room.:);)

    OPREP 3.png


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  5. I have a teeny tiny prep area. It's not even a room exactly, just a partitioned area at the back of a lab. DSC_0021.JPG
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    OMG I am never going to complain about my prep room again ! How big is your school ?
  7. Nice and cosey labtech666 but I'm not seeing any windows or Fume Hood.:);)
  8. It's a pretty small school. 400 kids and 6 labs. I only deal with physics. The bio and chem prep rooms are a bit bigger but we're in listed buildings so there's a limit on what we can do in terms of making improvements
  9. I have a sky light which opens, so I can at least get fresh air, but no windows. I'm physics only so don't tend to need a fume cupboard.
  10. School role 400 has 4 labs. This is the only prep lab next to two labs remote (800m across the site where children are playing) from other two labs. Labs are basically class rooms with one sink, gas taps and kitchen cupboards round the sides. The images are of the same prep lab taken from either end. Absolute H&S nightmare.

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  11. This is mine and I share with 5 teachers and a student teacher (the latter for 6 weeks but still tight for space). Back in October I asked the Bursar to come over and see how I "live". Still waiting for that visit even though I have completed numerous online H & S courses regarding "slips, trips etc." and have said the room fails on all levels. Just walk in here and have a ball!!!!

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  12. l'd like your small space as at least you can't fit teachers in there! :)
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  13. WOW! Me sooo jealous.
  14. I love my prep room loads of work space and storage prep otherside.jpg prep.jpg
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  16. This used to be three rooms, but after some badgering it was knocked into one. It spans the whole width of the building. It's tidy at the moment as it's the end of our 'week' for practicals, by tomorrow the floor will be full of 'stuff' again! There's a separate physics prep and walk-in chemistry, biology, physics, stationery, and 'junk' cupboards.

    . pic1.jpg pic2.jpg
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  18. I'm definitely jealous of a few of these prep rooms!
  19. Really nice pics Sharon. Your Prep Room has character. I really like the Windows.:);)