Viewing stomata without nail varnish

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  1. You can see stomata very clearly if you use the SAPS recommended method. No need for nail varnish just cut a square piece of leaf and place on a slide with cover slip and drop of water (underside up) and observe down a standard microscope- You need tradescantia zebrina -
    here's one I did earlier

    If you use strong sugar solution the stomata close - distilled water they will open.
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  2. We do this now - much easier for all! You can get away without using a coverslip too unless you want really high magnification....
  3. Yes, this tradescantia method is great and tradescantia is so easy to grow - every time I cut a piece off to propagate it always grows. It has much more of a wow factor than the nail varnish method. Here is my best photo (400x).

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  4. Brilliant, @Kiki. Better quality microscopes than ours
  5. The students don't get that microscope :) - they use standard ones and the teacher can connect the good one to their laptop. But standard microscopes give great pics too as you showed.
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  6. Might think of getting a good one for demos with a good quality eyepiece digital camera
  7. I've just tried this using the green spiderwort we have in the department. It works really well and is a lot less faff than using nail varnish. It's just a pity that the last two year 7 classes have just done stomata :(
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  8. we always use tradescantia, so much easier. If you dont have tradescantia, you can do an epidermal peel of geranium leaves without nail varnish this also works well
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  9. Great idea, I get a nasty feeling that it will be the usual," but the kids enjoy the peeling" Like we are deliberately removing the fun!
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  10. I've used this method for a while now, unfortunately we don't have the red variety of tradescantia but the green one still gives far better results than using nail polish.
  11. Just get a few pre-rooted cuttings form ebay -
    Will recover and root in ordinary compost with plastic bag over for a few days - very easy to grow.
  12. I actually have that plant! I've had a quick go and works really well. Thanks for sharing