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  1. What do you see when you look out from your Prep Room? Do you see anything of interest? For those of you who don't have a window this may be problematic.:)
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  2. The bus stop for the local shopper bus...... the regulars have started waving to me if they see me! :D
  3. new build taking place on playing fields on window to north hills in the distance south astro plus loads of trees changes seasonally nice out look when any time to trim the plants on the southern window. Carrots and lavender seedlings breaking through air con set at 22 c so from my desk nice view.
  4. Dod


    The opposite blank wall of the corridor, no privacy, on show like zoo exhibits in the sciences end.
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  5. all blurry old textured glass - some green blobs are hedges, the grey and orange bits are building, and blue/grey sky blob too - it would be a nice view if was clear glass
  6. I get to see the patio... thats a posh way of saying a small playground.
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  7. Oh dear. I may have hit a nerve Dod. Why not get one of those large Wall Scenes?:D
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  8. Queues of traffic, some nice Georgian houses and a rough looking pub. I have to look really hard though as our windows are so dirty. That's a point, do any of you have window cleaners in? :D
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  9. Elizabeth Gould

    Elizabeth Gould COMMITTEE

    The AstroTurf football pitches and a lovely set of allotments. We also see a lot of planes coming in to land!
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  10. Cobbled streets, old men wearing scarves leaning into the wind, disused red-brick mills, smog, beggars and a hideous 1970's white tile clad public building - it's grim up north. Things we cannot see - hope, enthusiasm, decent pay rise, respect, being appreciated, me staying in this job.
  11. greenfingers

    greenfingers Sarah G

    Brick wall :(
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  12. The storage area and portaloo for the builders who are constructing our new science block extension. Not very pleasant!
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  13. The assistant head teachers office :eek:
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  14. When I can see it (and the cloud is not too low) I have a lovely view of the hillside beyond the primary school opposite.

    I overlook the front of school and I can watch the 3 local geese causing chaos outside, they are not afraid of humans or traffic and will quite happily sit in the middle of the road watching cars try to drive around them.
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  15. Small courtyard where the yr11s hangout at breaks, then directly into the LRC large window. Like looking out, but people tend not to see me inside, on the grounds that I am invisible.... unless needing first aid, new book etc...
  16. Techitude

    Techitude COMMITTEE

    We can see the M6 motorway leading onto spaghetti junction and Birmingham city centre on the extreme left. We do enjoy watching the traffic and using 'traffic england' to investigate when it all grinds to a halt (we're not as sad as we sound, honest!)
    Our room has massive windows along one side of our prep room, plenty of natural light and a good view.
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  17. [​IMG]
    Feeling rather smug about my view :cool:
  18. Design technology building. A 1970s "fishtank" through that I can see the main road..
    Closer I can see My car parked right outside, so I can dream of home time.
    I also have a door directly onto the carpark / driveway, it is wedged open at the moment because the heating is on full belt and its 23degrees C in here.
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  19. Prep room view.PNG
    This was taken in autumn. Not a bad view! :)
  20. Hmm. I don't seem see anything in the video Luke. Unless.......:D:D:D