Vacuum Chamber DIY (preproom made)

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  1. Greetings to everyone,

    Have you ever tried to construct a vacuum chamber using a jar?

    This is a way to do this but I was wondering if I could only use disposable material (e.g. a used coca cola bottle)

    I guess I'll need the soldering tool to open a hole. But when it comes to sealing what should I use? (except of glue)

  2. If you tried that with a coca cola bottle I think it will deflate and scrunch up as the plastic is too flexible.
  3. Good point, well we have a bell jar but the elastic seal it has is inadequate for e.g. the sound in vacuum demonstration

    I think I am going to construct one second vacuum chamber using a plastic jar like the one of the video I have attached, I am looking forward to demonstrating the boiling of water in room temperature
  4. If you want a seal which you can remake then a plastic vacuum O-ring is good if you can squeeze it enough, or failing that I used to make a lasso using Indium wire.
  5. Nick Mitchener

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    We just put marshmallows or balloons directly in the syringe and seal the end.