Union Membership Mk 2

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Which Union are you currently a member of ?

  1. NEU

    14 vote(s)
  2. Unison

    31 vote(s)
  3. GMB

    7 vote(s)
  4. UNITE

    3 vote(s)
  5. Education Institute of Scotland (EIS)

    0 vote(s)
  6. Other Union

    0 vote(s)
  7. Not a Union Member

    39 vote(s)
  1. NTG


    It would seem the initial list did not include all the main possibilities and a few were exclusively for teachers.....so here's the amended list (which I hope keeps folks happy !!!)
  2. Just to add a little, I was initially with Unison but in the past 2 weeks have joined the NEU instead.
  3. I am with the NEU as they are cheaper than Unison
  4. That, along with actually having an NEU union rep here is what swayed me to jump ship from Unison.
  5. NEU, they have been very helpful in the past, and are helping me right now, although the Unison lady in the group meeting was also very nice and helpful :)
  6. They may be cheaper but are they as supportive and effective?:)
  7. I could ask the same about Unison, I was with them for 4 years and never spoke to them once, so currently I'm in no worse a position. I certainly see benefit to having a union rep in college though, I never had a rep for Unison at my last place and there wasn't a rep here for Unison either.
  8. No idea how supportive they are and to be honest I hope to never find out. Effectiveness however we shall see
  9. Aldi are cheaper and just as effective as many of of higher priced supermarkets. ;):D
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  10. I would say they are better, or at least in terms of nappies for my son.
  11. NTG


    This is what I find quite frustrating about the forums...…….going off on a tangent rather than sticking to topic !!!!
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  12. These are community lead forums, if that is what the community want to talk about then so be it, I can't see why people get so upset about us going off on tangents.
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  13. NTG


    And that's all well and good.....but this is a simple POLL and not intended to be a discussion topic at all.
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  14. Well said!:)
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  15. Nothing is stopping you from just taking the data from the poll and allowing those members that want to discuss other things do that.

    I'm not 100% with the Ts&Cs of the site so maybe @prepAdmin can let us know but you don't own the post, you may have submitted it but as I say, the community will take things where they like!
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  16. prepAdmin

    prepAdmin Administrator Staff Member Site Admin COMMITTEE

    As far as I'm concerned, the poll still functions as a poll and the data can be retrieved no matter what comments are posted in the thread.
    All threads on this forum go off tangent at times, that's what makes a discussion. I've used forums where as soon as the discussion goes off-topic the admin split it off into a new thread, which sounds a good idea on paper but it all then becomes impossible to follow and members start leaving.

    This forum as a whole has been very good at self moderating over the last 11 years and I have only had to ban one member in all of that time. If a member creates a new thread and it starts going off-topic then a gentle reminder from the thread creator usually gets everyone back on board. I don't want to start splitting threads or warning members for minor gripes like this.
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  17. NTG


    Fair enough....supposed I'm just used to years and years in a corporate zero-faff-or-divergence-allowed industry !!!
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  18. karen b

    karen b COMMITTEE

    Not a union member currently. This place doesn't really recognize unions. One technician is a member of the GMB and another is in Unison

    When I worked at a university I was a member of Unite as they had negotiating rights for technical staff.
  19. I'm in a union and was advised to join one when I first started working as a technician
  20. I joined NEU last year. Partly because I wanted to join a union that had a rep at my school, but also because the other main option was Unison and a colleague had difficulties getting their support when redundancies were on the horizon.