Unilab photo electric effect photo diode

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    When I came to this school we did not have the equipment to do this although it was in the curriculum. We had one piece of the lascelles LED kit to do planck's constant with threshold voltages but that isn't really the same thing.

    I made a couple with photo diodes and managed to buy a couple more.

    I have one left that is still in its original wrapping that I can sell. It is the orange box in the picture. The total kit is as priced but the box on its own sells for around £330 I believe.

    I can let this one go for £100 plus postage. You will need a very sensitive ammeter, we have an earlier style of pico ammeter, you don't really need the filters and light source, I do it with bright LEDs that I use with the kit I made.

    My kit has a big resistor in it so that we measure the voltage with a multimeter, I don't know why PH did not do that too, you could change it.

    This is the kit from PH

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    This has sold, but I have some photodiode tubes available to make your own kit. I can supply the photodiodes complete with sockets for £40, another tenner on project box and components you would have a working unit. I can provide a circuit diagram and components list plus assistance on construction and use.

    We get excellent results for Planck's constant with this kit, and it has the advantage over the use of threshold voltage with LEDS as it covers work function which came up in the mock. (We do both)