Two Stage Vacuum Pump oil

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  1. Greetings to everyone,

    I have never put any oil to a vacuum pump, we have a two stage oil vacuum pump and the only oil I can find in out chemical store is the OIL, PARAFFIN (odourless kerosine)

    Is this type of oil the right one to put?

  2. Oil Paraffin don't sound right for a vac pump, from memory vac pump oil is normally a mineral oil (Google the pump and maker see what they recommend) :)
  3. No. You need to put a very specific oil in there that has been processed to reduce its vapour pressure.
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  4. totally agree with Mike above spot on :)
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  5. Thank you all! :)
  6. How often does this typically need to be done? It sounds suspiciously like the sort of task that my colleague will have left to my predecessors. When I get back I'll have to see if we have a manual.
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  8. The oil does get contaminated by use and degrades by standing. It's a bit like any lubricated machinery; not easy for individual users to work out when to change the lubricant without expensive and time-consuming testing. It's best to go by the manufacturer's (machine or lubricant) recommendations.