Top Tip for removing Manganate (VII) stains with a spoonful of Sugar

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  1. I am sure they will just put it down to our age Helen. Well, that's my excuse and still a week till half term. Roll on next phriday!
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  2. LOL!!!! to all of the above...!!
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  3. It will now become TPI Phriday not TFI Friday. :D
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  4. I second that! Helen and Julie have kept me chuckling all afternoon :D
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  5. Don't want to appear stupid but what is TFI Friday? After all just a dumb American here. Is that like TGIF (thank god it's Friday). Hey and you guys are hilarious. :). LOL.

  6. There is an historical reason why both names exist. I believe aluminum was the original name
  7. Yes, but replace God with a word beginning with F
  8. Dod


    Whatever have I done, all this merriment, must have tickled someone's phancy :D
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  9. Phlippin' eck Dod, I had such a laugh :D:D:D The best phun I've had with my labcoat on
  10. anybody using forfosik acid
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  11. TFI is thank ph*ck it's Phriday.
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  12. I am preparing lessons on phorces and phriction for next week, sorting out my phlammables store and phinishing oph my paperwork. wishing you all a happy TPI phriday. may the phorce be with you. :D:D:D:D
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  13. Just phinished swearing about some pheckin', paphetic, inephetual teachers, coz they're useless. I'll have a phrappuchino and a phlapjack, then I'll think about doing some phlippin' work :mad::confused::mad::confused::mad:
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  14. And when you can get an American to say aluminium properly I will consider spelling sulphuric with an F!
  15. shouldn't you have 2 ph's in ophph?

    Found out last night that American spellings where they dropped letters and changed spellings of words is to cut cost from printing.

    Bit like how text speak arose from the old Nokia phones only having a 156 characters per text.
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  16. Humphry Davy (he of the lamp) first isolated the metal in alum, and it was variously called alumium, aluminum and aluminium before the scientific world settled on aluminium (I believe because it sounded more 'classical' and fitted in with sodium, calcium etc). I read about this recently in Bill Bryson's fantastic book 'A Short History of Nearly Everything' - who needs Steven Hawking, or blinking Professor Brian Cox!!
  17. From what I have been told by a former student of his, no one needs Brian Cox!
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  18. i
    Is that Humfry Davey??

    I used to quite fancy him, now I just don't trust that irritating perma-grin of his. o_O
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  20. I think that's the only reason he's on telly, because of his 'good looks', and the fact that he was in a 'pop band'. He's really boring, and, yes, that perma-grin!:eek::eek: I can't talk whilst fixing a grin that big, I've tried really hard, and I just can't do it o_Oo_O
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