Top pan balances, help please.

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  1. Hi all, We use old Scout Pro Ohaus balances, some of the top 'pans', plates, what have you, have gone missing, I know...don't ask, who would want them?
    I have searched online & can find various spares, but not the pans. Anyone had this problem, or knows where to get them?
  2. Dod


    Any old container that sits comfortably on the top without touching the case below will do.

    just thought, the bottom of a cut down milk bottle oughta suffice.

    Fancier containers are available
  3. Might have to resort to that.
  4. We've pretty much given up on a variety of more expensive balances (as repair seems to be somewhere between impossible and prohibitively expensive), except for use in A level Chemistry and the like.

    Instead, thanks to a tip from another school, we buy cheap ones from Amazon (other retailers are still available). eg.,aps,129&sr=8-9 which gives precision needed for most chemistry activities, and there is a 3kg with 0.1g scale for lumps of metal in physics.
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  5. That's fantastic... 500g max to 0.01 dp? for a tenner?
  6. We changed to these - had them 2 years without any issues.
  7. i'm trying to break one at the moment. before i leap in how do they hold up.
  8. We use those small ones from Amazon as well. We've had them for a couple of years and haven't had any breakages yet so they seem to be good value for money. We've had a couple get nicked though so we have to be more vigilant with counting them in and out.
    The last lot were purchased were £6.99 branded 'Amir' so its worth comparing the different ones to see which review well at what price.
  9. Unfortunately our small, cheap balances (5 out of 6) were destroyed within half a term. Aparently it was in 1 lesson, I can't verify this as I was off at the time.

    I'm going to discuss giving them another try, we need more balances!
  10. which ones?
  11. The little silver "jewellery" ones that look like a mini balance from Amazon, like this but these aren't the ones we had.
  12. We use the jewellery ones bought from Ebay.
    500g Max to 2 dp for around £8 each.
    They have performed well over the last 18 months and they also have Auto off.
    The only thing is, being so small, 13x10x2cm, they could easily get slipped into students pockets, not that the little darlings would do such a thing, would they ???!!!!****!:mad::mad:
  13. The main problem with the cheaper scales is that they have no protection against overloading, which can destroy the sensor. Having said that, they are so incredibly cheap compared to a traditional top pan balance that they can almost be treated as consumables.
  14. Yup, look good. The way the equipment is treated by the majority of classes now, it doesn't seem worth buying the 'good stuff'.
    Thanks for that.
  15. this is what i'm testing currently. o_O