Tidier ray-boxes

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  1. I don't know if this has been suggested before.

    This may or may not float your boat, but I got fed up with winding cables around ray boxes and then the cables getting tangled up with each other, so that when the kids get them out, they often end up pulling the 4mm plugs off the end.

    This is one of those 'when I get a chance' jobs, which i completed about a year ago and they have all stood up well to class use: no more repairs or maintenance apart from bulb replacement..

    Ray box 1.jpg
    Ray box 2.jpg

    (Any comments on how good my soldering is, will be gently filed).
  2. I like that.

    I modify all of the ray boxes by fitting better quality wire and plugs and better light fittings, with cord grips plus cable tie the cables on but I think your idea is better as I still have problems occasionally.
  3. Thanks Nick. I'm definitely glad I did it, I used to dread seeing what state they were in after class use.. :)
  4. I immediately grabbed a scimart metal one to see if there is room, we might drill holes lower down to do it. I prefer the scimart ones so all those bought since I joined have been like that, a fraction of the price of the plastic ones and even after I do the mods to improve them still cheaper and a far better product.. We have a work experience guy joining after Christmas this might be his project!
  5. Interesting,you'll have to show us the finished result when it's done. we have some of those too but most of the teachers don't like them as they get quite hot.
  6. Are scimart still going I thought they went bust?
  7. whoever they are, you can still buy the same ray boxes, black painted metal cases with steel slits.
  8. With your permission I pinching this idea.....:)
  9. Vee


    thats amazing, may also just pinch this idea. great job!!
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    Thanks Vee. :)
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  11. That is epic. Time to get the soldering iron out!
  12. keith how are you fixed on Friday afternoon to do ours? . I will buy you a pint! Just joking !

    Great idea and thanks for sharing
  13. Done my first metal case one to give to work experience chap to copy

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  14. Thanks Alice and paul r. :)

    Nick, thanks for posting, that seems to work nicely. My metal ones may get that treatment too now.
  15. like these a lot - off to check my ray boxes now