Thoughts on wearing an ID lanyard in the lab??

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  1. Great minds think alike Paul!:);)
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  2. Dod


    Place where I worked in a past existence the management got really "shirty'' :rolleyes: if your badge was not immediately visible when they approached.

    Wearing I.D. badges made us all safe from the bogeyman and any other undesirables wandering loose.
  3. We must wear our lanyards, but the main bit with our picture on is usually tucked in our top pockets or down our labcoats.
  4. Carol Taylor

    Carol Taylor Footsore

    Yep mine is somewhere..... I have 2, one with a lanyard and one with a clip...... somewhere
  5. we have advised them that on health and safety grounds we can't wear one round our necks. Mine is on my belt.
  6. Why are the ID photos always so terrible? At my last school I always covered the photo on my ID with a hazard sticker. Luckily was never challenged about it, the deputy head saw me with it and found it highly amusing.
  7. Ours are mostly squashed head or egg heads...
  8. Mine's on a clip on my trouser pocket
  9. My id badge is being worn by a "New" teacher who hasnt got her own yet. Our id badges operate the photocopiers.
    I usually have mine in my shirt pocket.
  10. Dod


    Surreptitious check in corridors and staffroom at lunchtime revealed 7 badges visible out of 38 staff members met.

    Out of 27 replies so far there seems to be 11 who have their identity badges obscured in one way or another so it begs the question why insist on spending money for badges that are not shown.
  11. Dod


    There is another transgressor posting as I type.
  12. Mine is clipped to my top pocket on my Lab coat.
  13. We have badges on lanyards.They have a catch which will release if tugged to avoid accidents if hey get caught up in anything.
    It didn't stop me getting a black eye when mine dangled in a Gratnell tray I was putting away high in the rack, and it flicked back at me over the edge of the tray!
  14. o_OHi John. This could have been avoided by tucking your lanyard into your shirt breast pocket whilst in the lab.:);)
  15. I know that now!

    However, today's shirt has no pockets.
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  16. Mine just gets tucked inside my shirt if busy 'doing', but the point is to be able to be questioned and identifiable if need to be... I hope.
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  17. We're supposed to have a car pass, in our windscreen. I agree with quite a lot of the teachers - not in my windscreen. We've been at this site 7 years, all the security/gate guards know me. And my cars. Got challenged this morning.."Car pass?".."Sorry, not dead yet, ain't happening."
  18. We are about to go over to lanyards so this has been an interesting read. I plan to wear mine inside my labcoat so will see how it goes. :)
  19. l johnson

    l johnson myff

    I can't wear a lanyard as it gives me a nasty irritated rash if on neck, got in way over lab coat collar,so had my id badge on a retractable clip on lab coat pocket till it got caught and snapped, so now use a safety pin and attach to trouser pocket.
  20. Dod


    Has your interesting reads brought you to asking for a risk assessment for Technicians and one forgotten one, the Techy Dept Technician with all them whirly cutting machines to get wrapped into and the distraction when using cutting tools. Your H E dept might consider the health aspects of dipping lanyard ends into everything being cut, mixed and cooked. Boilogy and Kemistry have already given enough reasons to have a rethink on risks and hazards.
    Spose they are fine for reedin, riteing an rithmitic subjectz

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