Testing elasticity of blood vessels (BTEC Med Sci)

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  1. This coming year, it has been suggested that the BTEC medical science students have to test the elasticity of arteries and veins. They provide no guidance on this and I was wondering if anyone has done this in the past? Where might you get arteries and veins (!?), do they require a pulley system? Would this mean sterilising the equipment after? Lots of interesting questions!!

    Let me know if this has been done before!
  2. it was in ocr a level i think, think Hooke's law with arteries and veins, hard to get them though, think blades sell them otherwise you need to disect a pluck.

    (obviously we never did it)
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  3. Blades do indeed do veins and arteries - https://blades-bio.co.uk/shop/frozen-preserved/frozen-specimens/sheep-veins-arteries-frozen/
    They frozen however so not sure if that'd affect the elasticity when they defrost
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    We do it, it's in the edexcel SNAB A level. I get a pluck from my friendly local butcher, he leaves as much 'gubbins' attached for me as possible, then I spend a happy afternoon dissecting out all the blood vessels I can find.

    We made some s-shaped hooks out of stiff copper wire - so we have retort clamp, hook, vessel, mass hanger. Everything gets washed in hot soapy water afterwards, and I think the teacher usually virkons the benches.
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    JFKtech and then there were two - now JFK Techs :)

    Freezing for a while doesn't make much difference - I cut the vessels out of the pluck in lengths, lay them flat, freeze them, then cut them into the required thin rings while frozen so they're not slipping about all over the place :) If you leave them in the freezer for months they go all white and hard and useless, like most other dissection 'bits'
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  6. That's just dehydration by sublimation. They should reconstitute with a soak in isotonic saline.
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  7. Thanks all! I really appreciate this! I'll give that a go at some point when I'm back in college!

    Have a safe time, everyone!