Test Tubes

I'm starting to look at ordering for next year supplies, this is my first time doing this. So I'm looking at test tubes and its blowing my mind with how many different types and manufacture there are. I just don't know what I need to be buying. I don't know what was ordered for before as that person is no longer here. Can anyone give me any pointers on what I should be looking at and what manufactures I should use?
They don't specify test tube, ignition tube or boiling tube , just sizes. So get one of each from your lab and measure them . Order the same size you require.
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they all break when they drop.

my stock list has

Test Tubes Borosilicate Glass125x16mm
Test Tubes Borosilicate Glass150x16mm
Test Tubes Borosilicate Glass150x24mm
If you use a dishwasher (or even if you do not...) rimless. This stops the rims chipping during washing. The type of glass is a minefield. It used to be that buying Pyrex branded glass was a guarantee of good quality and long(er) life. This, sadly, seems no longer to be the case. Some of the central European brands seem to be good value for money.

Always ask for a quote. I tend to try to buy as much as I think I will use of something in five years. That way, I can put in a decent sized order to a supplier and expect a reasonable discount. By doing this, I have managed to get discounts in the order of 45% on occasion. The hard part is working out what you can order this year and what you don't need to order for another four......